How To Remove Speed Limiter On Mobility Scooter?

By Abdul Kader

Most mobility scooters have a speed limiter installed to prevent them from going too fast. This is done for safety reasons, as a faster scooter could be more difficult to control and could pose a hazard to the rider and others. However, some people may find that the speed limiter on their mobility scooter is too restrictive and would like to remove it. And for them we bring the details on how to remove speed limiter on mobility scooter.

You can simply disconnect the speed limiter wires to remove or disable it।You can do it by locating the speed limiter, and disconnecting the wires coming out of it. You may also modify the scooter’s control system to bypass the speed limiter. As you modify the controller, you can change the maximum speed that the scooter can reach. This is a more complex process than simply disconnecting the speed limiter wires, but it can give you more control over the scooter’s speed.

In this article, we will discuss all the different ways to remove the speed limiter on a mobility scooter. We will also provide tips on how to ensure safety while removing the speed limiter to avoid possible hazards. Thus, don’t skip any step if you wish to remove the speed limiter safely.

What is the Speed Limit?

You may have already known that the mobility scooters arrive with a feature called speed limit. As the name indicates, the feature’s work is to restrict the vehicle’s speed at a specific range. Some of the electric scooters for the kid also arrive with the same features. The primary purpose of the speed limiter is to keep the user safe from Overspeed. Most of the mobility scooter’s speed is limited to 5 to 7 mph.

The feature is extremely beneficial as it reduces the chances of injuries in the adult by Overspeed. Though controlling the mobility scooters are pretty straightforward, it can be quite challenging for the specially-abled peoples. They may not be able to control the acceleration and hit into something which can cause injuries. The speed limiter features make sure that such an incident will never happen.

Guide for How to Remove Speed Limiter on Mobility Scooter

Electric mobility scooter speed limiter removal is not as easy as it sounds. In some models, it can be even impossible to remove the restriction. However, removing the limitation can be quite easy in some of the mobility scooters. Such as, the E-Two Booster Scooter arrives with a mode called “Sport Mode.” Though it is only recommended for going uphill, you can go faster using it on regular rides. You can easily make use of the mode from the display.

If you are using the E-Two scooters, then here is how to do it – turn on the display and press and hold the hand brake during the operation. Now click on the power button and move the cursor to P3 using the light button. Then press the Set or S button to save the setting. That’s it; you are done. There will be no speed limit now on the vehicle. 

Another Way to Remove the Speed Limiter

If the mobility scooter doesn’t include a sports mode, then you cannot remove the limitation directly from the screen. However, you can do it by flashing or rewriting the controller software. Yes, you guess it right, the procedure is going to be pretty complicated. So, if you think you are unable to do so, we recommend getting help from an expert, possibly a familiar nerd.

Flashing or rewriting the controller software also arrives at risk. Such as, it is a violation of the warranty. Applying the process to a newly brought mobility scooter will be a dumb decision. Besides, if you fail to complete the operation successfully, the vehicle will be bricked. That means you will be unable to use it.

The process of Mobility scooter speed limiter removal on almost all the popular brands available currently. It will even work as Pride Mobility scooter speed limiter removal. Make sure to complete the process with caution to avoid any risks. 

Some other Ways to Increase the Speed of Mobility Scooter

The mobility scooter arrives with a pretty decent mechanism with adequately written software. So, there is not a lot of things that you can do to remove the speed restriction. Sometimes the scooter may become slower than the mentioned speed range. In such situations, these tips may help you to increase the speed:

  • Always keep the battery of the scooter charger. When the scooter battery is full, it can offer you the highest performance with faster speed and longtime usability. Besides, when the scooter is on a low battery, you cannot enjoy a rapid pace.  You will notice a considerable difference between the acceleration.
  • The tires of the scooter sometimes may make the scooter go at a slower speed. Try to install an airless tire in the vehicle for better acceleration. The variation of the tire has less friction with the ground, which means better speed.
  • If you have been using the scooter for a long time, it will be useful to spray some WD-40 oil in the sprocket for better speed. You may also change it with a new one for better performance. The sprocket becomes faulty with time and affects the speed.
  • If possible, you may also change the battery of the scooter with a high-power option. However, be cautious while doing so to avoid any damage. 
  • One of the complicated but efficient ways to increase the speed is by rewinding the motor. It is going to be quite hard, and you will need an expert to do so. Besides, rewinding will violate the warranty policy of the vehicle. 


The speed limitation in the mobility scooter makes sure that the rider will be safe from accidents while driving the vehicle. If you are thinking about removing the restriction for better speed, you may implement the procedures mentioned above. However, we want you to acknowledge that these activities will void the warranty of the mobility scooter.