How Fast Does An Electric Scooter Go? Know Its Maximum, Minimum And Average Speed

By Abdul Kader

Electric scooters have become a popular mode of transportation in recent years, especially in urban areas. They are an eco-friendly alternative to cars and public transport, making them an attractive option to reduce their carbon footprint while getting around town. One of the most common questions people have about electric scooters is “How fast does an electric scooter go? Also, is their speed convenient enough for people?

Generally, electric scooters have a top speed of around 15-20 miles per hour (24-32 kilometers per hour). However, some models can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour (64 kilometers per hour), making them a suitable option for those who want a faster ride. The speed of an electric scooter varies depending on several factors such as the model, battery power, and terrain.

Nonetheless, the speed limit for electric scooters varies from country to country and even within cities. In some places, electric scooters may be restricted to a maximum speed. Therefore, it’s crucial that you continue reading our article to find the average, minimum and maximum speed of your e-scooter for a fun and safe ride.

How Fast Does An Electric Scooter Go?

Although the manufacturing companies make every electric scooter with a certain speed, the speed of the bike depends mostly on the battery power, motor watt, tire types, and the weight of the riders.

Almost all of the electric scooter has come with fast speed. Maximum regular bikes can go 20 mph, which is enough more rapid than a traditional motorcycle. But if this speed seems low to you, then there is no reason to worry because there have few models which offering more rates than a regular scooter.

For instance, I would say about one of the top-speed electric scooter Rion motors. It releases one of the fastest-speed scooters with a high-quality carbon fiber frame. Its 5000-watt engine can reach you up to 80 miles per hour.

Factors That Can Impact On The Electric Scooter Speed

When you will analysis the best electric scooter, some manufacturer company might offer you the highest rate. But it is difficult to get the maximum speed. Do you have to be conscious about some crucial factors which define How fast does an electric scooter Go? Here I am discussing these factors.

Rider’s Weight:

The rider’s weight is the most considering factor. Keep in mind that it is harder to push the scooter for heavier riders. Even though the production brand ensures high speed but sometimes motor and battery power can’t provide enough strength for the heavier rider.

Besides, excess weight can reduce battery power very quickly. In the meantime, a scooter can’t go a long distance with a single charge because the motor has to work harder for a heavyweight.

So, you have to analyze before selecting an electric scooter that will perfect according to your weight. But the matter of happiness is that there are some specific electric has for the heavier rider.

The Type Of Terrain:

The scooter can run on a smooth surface; otherwise, it has a tremendous adverse impact on the riding. If your ground will uphill, muddy or icy, the scooter speed will decrease a lot. In the uneven road, bumps will be created.

As a result, the scooter could sink to the ground and make your bike slower. Running on such terrain will cause the motor to work more efficiently and reduce the speed naturally. Also, note that if your motor is smaller in size and you want to ride on the steep gradient will get the lowest rate during its run.

The people of San Francisco are facing this problem maximum times. If you have the plan to ride uphill or off-road, then make sure that your scooter is strong enough for this. Remember to choose a powerful battery and a larger motor.

Tire Pressure:

Are you using air-filling tiers? Then remember to check the tires pressure before starting to ride on the scooter. If you notice the tire is excess soft than natural, you have to think that the is not full in the tire. Most importantly, this can reduce speed. At the same time, it can absorb fewer shocks during rough terrain.

At present some sturdy tire scooters are available in the shop. Which can run on uneven terrain and these have no possibilities of puncture. But the air-fill tire is best for trail scooting.

Low Battery Charge:

Because of the small cost, the scooter speed will down fast. So, you should check the charging amount, and better to go out with a full charge battery. As well as, charge your scooter battery in the way if possible.

Tips For Increasing The Scooter Speed

Most of the affordable electric scooter arrives with 24 volts. Battery. But you can change this speed, even though it is a little bit tricky. An extra controller might increase engine power by connecting with the battery. That’s why you have to change the related gear as well as buy a powerful battery.

Otherwise, the controller and engine might be damaged. And you will lose your device. Another chance for you is to reprogramming the controller which provides the high-speed to the scooter. But these processes are tricky so that you can do this with an expert.

Moreover, you can change the scooter’s sprockets for increasing the speed. For this reason, you have to need to know a few mechanical pieces of knowledge. Gears can’t turn the main power of the scooter, but they can increase the speed. Another method for the challenging person is to rewind the engine is right for speed increasing. Remember, it is a little risky method.

And somehow if this thing is wrong, then the scooter will be damaged. This method works for rewinding the coils and reduce the windings number for each item. It can enhance the rotation of the engine.

Lastly, I suggest changing the wheels can increase your scooter speed.

Where To Charge An Electric Scooter?

You can charge the scooter anywhere where has available a charger and socket but highly recommended to charge it in your home. For enjoying the best performance, the battery needs to load correctly. So, charge the battery for a specific extended period. Suitable to charge the battery after each ride. Most importantly, I suggest using the 3amp charger for those who love to ride more. Generally, a 3amp charger can help you to best trip up to 6-8 hours.

Adults vs Kids scooter

As the kids are a beginner and having more risk of an accident, so the manufacturing company made particular scooter for a child with a limited speed. It ensures a minimum chance for a kid. The 18 mph is suitable for a child. It is exciting enough for the kids to ride with this speed. Similarly, reliable for the parents as a safe speed for the child.

Most importantly, kid’s scooter should take a maximum of 20 mph because their bike doesn’t need any licenses. The government law doesn’t support the more than 20 mph speed for the child. So, it is unlawful to provide a faster rate to them. You can choose the electric scooter for your older kid. It is the world’s best to support child scooting.

On the other hand, Adults scooter can go faster up to 55 mph. It refers to the super speed depending on your scooter engine. You can use this scooter for commuting and large population areas. In the case of any type of bike, you just need to wear protective gear so that you can save yourself from high risk. Besides, there had some models for the older person and disabled person. But recently it is rare because the older person needs to stay in maximum safety.


How fast does a 1600w electric scooter go?

The 1600 -watt scooter can go up to 28 mph on a smoother surface.

Is electric scooter worth buying?

Buying an electric scooter is lower to buy a motorcycle or a private car as well as it is also a model of fun too. You can ride and play with it. So, I believe it is worth buying.

Can electric scooters go uphill?

Yes! Of course, it can run uphill or off-road. But climbing and riding uphill is difficult. You need to use a more powerful battery and maximum motor watts.

What is the fastest scooter you can buy?

As far as I know, I can heartily recommend you to buy the Nanorobot RS4 or RS7. These both are arriving at 55 mph speed. Moreover, they are the most popular worldwide till now.

Final Words

I believe you have got a clear idea of scooter speeds. Hopefully, it is easier to choose the proper rate of scooter for yourself and your child. As well as you can increase the scooter speed quickly. Since you are thinking of increasing the speed, you must use a helmet. If I leave anything or forget to discuss then let me know in the comment box. So that I can update this guide for you.