Razor Power Rider 360 Review (Spec, Pros, Cons & Features)

By Abdul Kader

What are you searching for in a Razor Power Rider 360 Review? Well, you may want to know more about this tricycle, and I am here with this product today. You’ll see why you need Power Rider 360 and who can use this rider to have fun.

Now you can blast into the future with this Power Rider 360 from Razor. The three-wheeler is operated by electric power, and you can take a comfortable ride with this rider. The using process of this rider is also very straightforward.

Today you are going to know about this rider 360 with the maintenance tips. You will also know how to Use this rider in short. So, let’s get started.

Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

Quick Specification

  • Dimension-: 27.2 x 24.4 x 10.2 inch
  • Weight-: 4.85 pounds
  • Maximumloadcapacity-: 120 pounds
  • Riders Age-: Eight years plus child, teenagers and adults
  • Material-: Plastic, Steel, Rubber
  • Wheels-: Rubber made with small diameter
  • BrakeType-: Front-Wheel brake
  • Ttube-: Durable Steel
  • Grips-: comfortable plastic grips

Razor Power Rider 360 Review

To build this vehicle, the manufacturers have used steel, rubber, and plastic, and the quality of the materials is also well enough. The durable plastic gives the three-wheeler more flexibility and rigidity. You will get enough stiffness from the steel body frame of the power rider 300. The razor power rider 360 parts are very well designed and express a beautiful outlook. 

You will be amused with the speed pick-up of this rider, where it can reach the 9 mph speed range by pushing a button. Again it can run for 30 minutes and more with this speed. The brake system is also very efficient, and it is hand operated.  The pneumatic front wheel will be stopped, in an instance, with the holding of the brake.

No fuel is needed to run this rider. Moreover, it comes with a 12 V battery, which allows running the rider on electric power. For transportation and fun purpose, this Razor electric rider is perfect for the kids. This razor rider 360 tricycle is best, for its easy-to-use feature. Again, an extended lifespan of this rider will satisfy you. The assembling of the rider parts is also very straightforward to do. You will get 12 hours of performance once you get to the full charged level.

As the rider has a three-wheel, there is no chance of misbalancing issues for the beginners. A charger will be given to the delivery box to charge the lead-acid battery. To get to the full charge, you need to connect the charger to the battery for three hours.

Top Features at a Glance

The scooter could be as expensive as the features that are given, but it is affordable. You can see the top features of this razor power rider 360-

  • This rider is suitable for teenagers and young people for transporting and having fun.
  • The braking system of the front wheel is perfect and super responsive.
  • The maximum capacity of taking load is 120 pounds, which is pretty good for riding.
  • You can rotate the handlebar easily while riding this three-wheeler.
  • The frame body of the wheeler is very rigid, and you will have a durable performance from this product.
  • There are no kickback issues found in this rider, and so, you will enjoy a comfortable ride.


  • It is a very light-weighted three-wheeler and portable.
  • The rear wheel is very much flexible and rotatable.
  • The load capacity is quite impressive.
  • The color and outlook will amuse anyone.
  • The braking system is of premium quality.


  • There is no front light to ride at night.

Who Can Use Razor Power Rider 360 And How?

Anyone who has an interest to ride this scooter is allowed to ride in one condition, which is he/she needs to be eight years plus old. So, if you are a teenager and want to have a cool ride, then you can pick this for yourself. Again, if you are the parents and want your child to enjoy the ride with this secure three-wheel from the razor, then you can take it. It’s all about fun to ride on this power rider.

How to Use

You can use the three-wheeler by following these easy, quick steps-

  • Charge your rider for three hours.
  • Now sit on the seat-post by wearing a helmet in the head.
  • Turn on the switch, and it will start to run.

Height isn’t a matter to start riding on this rider.

Maintenance Tips

Without proper maintenance, your rider may show many much-unexpected problems. An electric device needs to be maintained regularly so that it doesn’t go wrong. As the power rider 360 battery gets the energy from an electrical source, it also requires some maintenance work. So, let’s check out the cool tips for maintaining the power rider.

  • You should not put your three-wheelers on the ground after finishing a ride. Always try to keep the vehicles hanging on the garage wall.
  • Do not charge it for such a long time as you know that rechargeable battery can store charge. As your Razor power rider 360 is not overcharge proof, you should not charge it for a long time.
  • To clean the vehicles, you need to remove the battery first and then use a car washing powder and clean cloth to clean the three-wheeler.
  • If you feel the necessity to change the tire of this rider, then buy the same time of this product belonging and use the professional tool kit to insert a new tire.
  • You should not drive at the tough roads because it harms your rider frame and wheel.

Bottom Line

I hope that you have got complete information about the razor power rider 360. The name 360 came from the feature of this three-wheeler that it can rotate 360 for its rear wheel. However, this is one of the best riders in the market and can be your first choice to gift your kids. If you are driving this, then you need to be very careful with the roads and stay safe from unexpected accidents. Don’t drive too much it will harm your body parts.