How To Choose The Best Kick Scooter For Children

By Abdul Kader

Doesn’t it look as pretty as a picture when you see children are riding around with a kick scooter? I think, surely, you will say – Yes and will be interested to have a perfect kick scooter for your kids. Because you know that scooters are not only useful for fun but also it develops your child’s growth in health and mind laterally. But, you may become confused – how to choose the best kick scooter for children? Then don’t worry. You are on the right link. Here, we will guide you to know the criteria that you should take as a concern when deciding to go for buying the kick scooter for teenagers or toddler kids.

You need to be clarified about a few issues for your kids to make the right choice. Then, observe the below points to learn the intense factors of getting the best kick scooter for the kids.

Intensified Factors for choosing the best kick scooters for children

In any case, picking a kick bike for your babies is certainly not a direct undertaking. First of all, there are a lot of contemplations that each parent will have at the top of the priority list. Similarly, there are a lot of alternatives that as a parent you need to filter through to buy the ideal scooter for your kids.

In this writing, we will investigate how to go about or how to pick a kick scooter that is superbly appropriate for your youngster.

Age, Size & Weight

You just need to take care of size as important as you think of size when choosing dresses or shoes for your kids. Age, size & weight these three things have co-relation among them. Different aged children need different sizes of scooters. Imagine if you buy a big size scooter for your 3-year old toddler, hen how he/she will handle that. Similarly, an overweight scooter cannot be pulled by your kids. So, you have to match the scooter according to the age of your child.

Now, you can ask how will I understand the exact age of starting the riding of my kid. When your child starts to walk or is 2 to 3 years old, you can bring a kick scooter for him/her. Many health researchers suggest giving a scooter to children at an early age to grow frequently riding habits. Because scooter riding develops children’s motor skill as well as make them confidential in daily life for the future. Riding habit also keeps your children away from different inappropriate gaming.

Physical Strength & Safety

Physical strength is one of the most important predictors before taking the final decision to buy. In the earlier above point, it is said that children can drive scooters at any given age. But, you also need to check with the health consultant whether your child is physically fit or not.

After making sure the good health condition, you need to follow the rules of safety issues. Like you need to inquire about the quality kick scooters that ensure the safe riding of your children.

Motor Skill

Motor skills vary in different children. Sometimes a 5-year old kid can ride better than a 7-year old. However, generally, sports coaches will suggest taking advantage of riding scooters at an early age. Then, the motor skill will automatically develop in your child.

Types of Kick Scooters

Choosing the style of your kick scooter is a big factor to consider. Every scooter has its own disposable advantages which make it exceptional than others in specific viewpoints. On the other hand, each scooter has contrary collisions in a few regards.

However, basically, there are two types of scooters styling in wheels – the 2-wheeled scooter and the 3-wheeled scooter. Moreover, each scooter has some common features in the sorting of its styles. Three Let’s have a concise idea of 4 types of kick scooters:

Two front wheels, one rear wheel, and bicycle-type steering

This type of scooter is also like the above style. It also doesn’t require balancing skills to move and is just like a tri-cycle but flipped front-to-back. Balancing motor skills will not be developed by this type of scooter. It is easy to ride at a very early age for toddlers. You can allow your child to start riding when 2 years or even at the time of first running. Your children will push around and make fun of it.

Two front wheels, one rear wheel, and lean-to-turn type

A three-wheeled scooter is the most commonly used bike for beginners. The great benefit is; it is inclined to move forward with a balanced disposition. As these are already self-balanced when riding, your child doesn’t need to push for keeping it balanced. And, unlike a bicycle, your children don’t need to try to turn the handlebars for steering up since it is structured in lean-to-turn type. This kind of riding helps toddlers learn promptly understand the potent between mass and speed of riding. You can choose this type if your child is around 3-7 years and uncomfortable tackling two-wheeled scooters.

One front wheel, two rear wheels, and bicycle-type steering

It’s the effective kick scooter a kind of tricycle version. It is underling since the rear wheel is wider formed with stick away from the deck. It’s designed to improve balancing motor skills by pushing through the heel. You can bring this one if your child can struggle to lean for moving forward.

One front wheel, two rear wheels with V-shaped

This is made of a special feature that is set in motion to forward but not necessary to push with feet. If you look at this, it is viewed as V-shape from the top. Due to its design and a little tricky way of riding, you should buy this scooter for your elder child whose age is eight to 12 or more.

Different weighted plastic scooters can carry up to 50 kg. Therefore, those plastic scooters are verily suitable for your toddlers. But, there are also three-wheeled scooters built in Aluminium bodies that can carry up to 100 kg.  

Key Features – to take decision

Precise learning on the features of kick scooters will help you understand to choose the best one for your kid. In that case, you should gather knowledge about the wheels of scooters, deck size, brake, folding quality.

Wheels of Kick Scooter

It’s a general perception that larger scooters will have larger wheels and smaller scooters will have smaller wheels. Check out the range of wheels:

  • Small: 100 mm – 125mm
  • Medium: 145 mm – 185 mm
  • Large: 190mm – 205 mm
  • Very Large: 210 mm – Above

Hence, a small range wheel doesn’t mean carrying less weight. A good quality scooter can carry a lot of weight through it has small wheels. Besides, advanced Aluminium wheeled scooters are available now, so small wheels can carry heavyweight.

Shape of the Deck

Normally, it’s seen that a larger shaped deck is comfortable to ride and can carry heavier weight. But, it’s not a big issue as earlier I said Aluminium made scooter can carry many heavyweights.

Folding Quality

If you think of saving space in your house, then purchase the foldable kick scooters. But, this feature is not necessary to get folding capacity.


At the begging points, we optimized for safety issues. So, you just need to make sure a safe rear brake of the scooter and handlebars as well.

Final Thoughts

Furthermore, if probable, you should make a trial riding your child before taking the right decision of taking the scooter. Because an observation over the riding ability of your child will surely help you to make the most suitable one which can be handled easily by your kid.  

Also, ask for the opinion of your kids if they have any choice since they are the ultimate gainer of that scooter. Definitely, your preference will be underlying behind his/her willingness, still, it will cheer up your children. No doubt should be raised in your mind if you follow the above-mentioned directions and sort out them. Still, we are reminding choose the easier movable kick scooter. Laterally, firstly take smaller scooters as those are designed to make fun riding.

Later on, you can decide to buy a larger one. So, you don’t need to agonize a lot in taking the decision.