10 Best Scooter For 4 Year Old

By Abdul Kader

We all know what scooters are. It is a human-powered street vehicle that is propelled by the rider pushing off of the ground with their leg. Though all scooters might look the same to you, scooters for kids are a bit different. For starters, kids’ scooters are small, easier to maneuver, and have features that help them in extreme conditions. They are also made in a way that makes them easier to maneuver which makes them perfect for kids who are just getting their first scooter.

With so many options to choose from, we have collected a few of the best scooter for 4 year old children that will be both safe and easier to maneuver for them. Also, we will talk about these scooters pros and cons a little bit so that you know if the scooter is actually good for your 4 year old kid or not. But, these scooters are one of the most famous and mostly bought scooters for kids and it is up to you whether you should trust those 5 stars or not. Apart from that, let’s get started with our today’s expedition for your 4 year old.

Overall Best Scooter for 4 Years old kids

I personally find the Kick Scooters for Kids by SKIDEE very good and I think this scooter is the best scooter for 4 years old kids. First of all, this scooter is a 3 wheel scooter which is perfect for every beginner kids. This scooter has a very wide footplate making it extremely stable and easy to use. It also has a seat that can make riding the scooter even better. Though, some people faced problems with the seat position, I don’t think you should rate this scooter bad off of one thing. The scooter is also smooth and comfortable and it is extremely easy to learn and use. People who bought this scooter for their kids say that their kids love it and I think that your 4 year old kid would love it as well.

Why is important to select the best scooter for young kids?

While buying anything for a 4 years old, it is always better to select something that will ensure their safety. Like for example, if you choose a scooter that is hard to control or hard to keep balance on, they might fall off and get hurt which no one wants. That is why, it is always important to choose the bet scooter that ensures the safety of kids. And, most 3 wheel scooter is perfect for 4 years old who are just starting to learn to use a scooter. That’s because, 2 wheel scooters are often hard for kids to control which increases the chance of them falling off and getting hurt. That is why, we recommend getting scooters for 4 years old that are 3 wheel and increases stability and safety.

Which type of scooter is best for 4 years old kids?

3 Wheel Scooters are always best for 4 years old. That’s because, 3 wheel scooters always ensures the safety of the kid that is riding it. They provide incredible stability which makes it easier for kids to learn to use a scooter. Also, we won’t recommend anything like an electric scooter or 2 wheel because electric scooters can be hard for kids to control. And, 2 wheel scooters are often really hard for kids to use and keep stability on. That is why, it is always best to get a 3 wheel scooter because it will make learning easier and provide safety.

10 Best Scooter for 4 Year Old Reviews

To choose these product, we have researched and went through a lot of scooters, taking a note of their good and bad sides and trying to choose the best scooters we could find. Most of the scooters on this list contain everything a perfect scooter needs to have. But for your own benefit, we have tried to describe them as much as possible and we showed the pros and cons of the products so that you can find out what’s so good about that scooter and what you should consider before buying the product. So without wasting any of your valuable time, let’s take a look at some of the best scooter for 4 year old kids.

Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter –  3 Wheel Scooter for 4 Year Old

The Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter is a perfect scooter for the kid who is just learning to use a scooter. Every parent wants the safety of their kid which sometimes makes it so that the parents won’t buy their kid because he might fall off. That’s where this scooter comes in. This scooter is a 3 wheel scooter that makes them really stable and incredibly easy to use. This makes it so that your kid can learn to ride a scooter even faster. With 3 wheels, the scooter will stay upright without your child having to do anything.

Some old reviews of the product suggested that the scooter had a bolt that was so large that it would hit the kid’s ankles. But, the recent reviews didn’t show anything like this which is a good point because they might have fixed it and made it even better. That is why this product is on this list and it is one of our picks for kick scooters for 4 year olds.

Lil’ Rider Kids Scooter – Really fun and easy to use 3 wheel scooter for 4 year old

This is another 3 wheel scooter that makes learning fun and really easy. It can also be fit for a kid until they are ready for an upgrade to their scooter. This scooter was made with safety as their first priority. For that, they added anti-skid along the foot side area which removes the chance of your kid falling off when they are riding it.

It also has colorful light bulbs which makes the scooter attractive and enjoyable for your kids. The handlebar is also adjustable which makes it even better for kids of any age. Though it is recommended for kids above the age of 5, someone bought it for their kids who were 2 and 3 and they were using it without any problem.

3 Wheeled Scooter for Kids By Hurtle

This is another 3 Wheeled Scooter for Kids that is manufactured by Hurtle. Like the last one, this scooter has lights on the wheels that are white. This scooter has a button that makes the handlebar fold onto its foot area making it easier to carry around which makes it helpful when you’re traveling somewhere.

The handlebar is also adjustable making it better for kids of all heights. The foot area is also large enough to fit both foot and the floor has an anti-slip design. This makes the scooter safe for kids to ride. Overall, this scooter is a really good and strong scooter that can be a really good scooter for 4 year old kid.

Jetson Jupiter Mini Kids 3 – Safe Scooter for Tiny Rider

The Jetson Jupiter is one of the safest scooters for kids to ride in. Just like the last scooter, this scooter also has an easy folding mechanism that makes it easier to carry around. There are also bright multicolored lights in this scooter. The deck of this scooter is really sturdy and wide which makes this scooter incredibly stable. The handle is also adjustable making it easier for kids of all ages to maneuver it.

The scooter also has rear brakes that make it safe for kids to brake whenever they want. This will make sure they don’t fall over or crash into something when they are riding it. And as we all know, rear brakes are really safe. Overall, the design and mechanisms make this scooter really safe and easy to transport making it one of our favorite picks.

Stand & Cruise Child 3 Wheeled Scooters by Hurtle

This is another 3 wheeled safe scooter. Unlike other 3 wheeled scooters, this scooter has a removable and adjustable sit where kids can sit if they don’t want to stand on it. The handlebar is adjustable as well. It also has wheels with lights. And to ensure safety, the manufacturers included safety measurements like anti-slip and wide floor which makes it really stable. And, this scooter has rear braking which makes it even safer.

Kids who start using this scooter love this scooter.  I think that if you buy this scooter for 4 year old, they will love it as well. It has everything that a kid would need in a scooter.

PlayWheels PAW Patrol Skye 3 – 3 Wheel Scooters For Kids

The PlayWheels PAW Patrol Scooter is another really good scooter that you can get for your kids. Unlike other ones, this scooter has a PAW Patrol design on it which is like one of the most favorite cartoons for children.

This scooter like the other ones is also safe and durable. The whole scooter is built out of strong steel. The footplate is also textured which makes it safe for your kids to stand on it. It is perfect for 4 year old kids. If your kid loves PAW Patrol, I think that he will love this scooter as well.

Self Balancing Kick Scooter Toddler Scooter

This is another perfect scooter but with its own little twist. Like the other scooters, this scooter is also really stable. It’s made out of sturdy material. It’s also incredibly balanced making it safe for kids to ride. But the twist comes down to its design. Where the other scooters had lights in them, this scooter is like a fantasy animal themselves.

There are multiple cute designs like a Unicorn, Cat, Dinosaur, Dragon, and even Dump Truck and Fire Truck. This will make this scooter even special as your kid will be able to truly enjoy this scooter.

Swagtron K5 3-Wheel Kids Scooter

This is another perfect scooter with its own little twist. Just like the other scooters, this scooter is extremely sturdy. Has a wide footplate that makes this scooter safe to stand on. The footplate is also wide which makes this scooter really stable. But unlike the other scooter, this scooter has a plain design. It doesn’t have any extra lights or extra seats that kids can sit on.

If your kid wants an experience like they’re riding a real scooter, this scooter is best for them. This scooter has a design just like a normal scooter but it has 3 wheels making it really safe for your kid. If your kid wants the experience of riding an adult-like scooter, then give him this one. He will truly enjoy it.

Gotrax KX5 Kick Scooter

Now let’s talk about a scooter that every kid will want when they’re comfortable enough with a 3 wheel scooter. This is a 2 wheel scooter that is perfect for kids because it is small which makes it easier for kids to use. It has LED lights in both of the wheels that light up the whole wheel making it look really cute.

The handle of this scooter is also adjustable and it is rustproof. This makes it so that your kid can keep it with him until he is too big to ride it. It is also really sturdy and build to last. Also, this scooter has really smooth bearing and stainless steel brakes that make traveling real safe for your kid who has some experience in scooters. If your kid can ride a 3 wheel scooter comfortably, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Get him this one as I think he will really enjoy it.

Kick Scooters for Kids Ages 3-5 by SKIDEE

For our last pick, we will talk about this scooter that we think is one of the best 3 wheel scooters for kids. This scooter is like a mix of all other scooters and turned into a perfect scooter. Kids love this scooter. The riding experience in this scooter is fantastic and it also has a sit where kids can sit if they get tired or if they don’t want to stand. It has an adjustable sturdy handle that makes it easier for kids to maneuver in this scooter.

The wheels light up making this scooter fun to use. And, this scooter is said to be 100% secure and safe to use which means your kids will be in perfect shape when they are riding this scooter. Personally, I like the design of this scooter a lot and I think your kid will love it as well. People who bought it say that their kids love it and as far as I can say, I think that this will be the scooter you would want your kid to get.

What to wear when riding a scooter?

To keep your kid safe, you must ensure they wear protective gear that fits them properly. For that, they could wear gears like a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads etc. Also, you should avoid wrist guards as they would make it hard to grip the scooters handlebars. These protective gears would protect your kid if he was to fall down from his scooter. That’s why, it is always recommended to buy them these protective gears when you are giving them a scooter.

Safety tips for tiny kid

Safety should Always be the focus when you are teaching them how to ride a scooter. That’s because, kids who are small often don’t have that much experience on what could be dangerous for them. That’s why, they might think that it is a good idea to ride their scooter near the road as it seems fun and interesting to them. That is why, it is always to teach your kid some safety measurements to keep them safe at all costs. First of all, do not let your young kid drive their scooter near the road. If your kid is older, do not let them do that unless they have a decent experience in using a scooter. Also, teach your children the rule of roads so that they don’t do anything that makes driving hard for the people on the road. Also, do not dress your children in something that makes it hard for them to notice or makes it hard for your kids to use the scooter. Always tell them to be conscious of their surrounding and they should be safe.

Buyers guide

It is always important to get the best scooter for 4 years old that is safe, and easier for your kid to use as little kids aren’t often that good at doing everything. And for us, we think that 3 wheel scooters are the best scooter for 4 years old as they are the safest and easier choice as a scooter for kids. First of all, you should always try to choose a scooter that matches the height of your kid. Most scooter has an adjustable handle which makes it easier to get a handle size that fits perfectly for your kid. So it is highly recommended that you try to get one of those. After that, you should focus on the size of scooter. The scooters that has the widest footplate are the most stable scooter and the safest choice. This makes the scooter safe and easier for your kid to use. Always try to get a scooter that this made out of sturdy material as kids usually can’t take care of their scooter that well.

A 3 wheel scooter is often given to kids to help them understand how to use a scooter and how to keep balance on a scooter before they get a 2 wheeled scooter. Most of the time, these scooters are gifted to the most beginner kids as these scooters make learning extremely easy and fun. They don’t have to do much hard work to learn and learning with this scooter is mostly a fun experience. These are the points that I think you should consider when you are buying a scooter for your kid.


Can 4 Year Olds Use Scooters?

Yes! Manufacturers nowadays are building scooters for kids that are around that age. These scooters are specially build 3 Wheeled Scooters that provide Stability, and most importantly safety to kids. Also, some scooters are specially built with different designs that are usually added to make kids attracted to those scooters and give them a fun time while they ride.


There are many different types of scooters available today. Some scooters are designed for adults while others are designed for children. We hope that this article helps you choose the right scooter for your child.