Jetson Light up Scooters Reviews

By Abdul Kader

Studies have shown that kids prefer Scooter more than the bicycle or another playing device. And if that is a Jetson light up scooter, then that’s great. The colorful LED light makes it more attractive to the children. Jetson light-up scooter has been made especially for the child of 2-10 years old. It has a multi-color led light in the handlebar, deck, and wheels. In the meantime, best lightweight for child use. Moreover, you can fold this device after using it.

Today, I am discussing with you the most crucial facts of the Jetson scooter, and here are the top 3 best Jetson light up scooters reviews. Stay with this guide to find out the best light-up Scooter for your kids.

What refers to the light-up Scooter?

A light-up scooter is a unique model that comes for little child funny riding with more than 100 multi-color lights. This fancy Scooter is providing respectively, the bright sun, powerful lithium batteries, a folding system, and super braking power. This light-scooter will work for the baby riding so that they can enjoy more with color. Similarly, it can operate up to 28 miles range with 18 mph speed.

Why you Need Jetson light-up Scooter?

Why would you choose the Jetson light-up, even though there are many baby scooters in the market? I notice a few logical reasons to love Jetson light Scooter. These make this scooter separate from other models. Let’s know the specialty.

  • Very easy and safe to use with limited speed
  • Classy look, folding system and perfect for night riding
  • Long-lasting Scooter than any other model
  • Up to three adjustable height for 2 to 9 years old kids.
  • Design is updated regularly with child demand and comfort.
  • Its more massive deck helps place two feet together.
  • anodized T-bar and premium handlebar grips are great
  • Comfort and quick way to learn to ride with the Scooter
  • patented steering lock button for front and backwards
  • It can balance the child’s weight

Top 3 Jetson light up Scooters Review

As you want to ensure an excellent playing source with maximum safety for your baby, Jetson light-up scooters are best to fulfill the demands. I have bought three fantastic models of light-up scooters for my little prince and princess—each of the products such beautiful, funny, and comfortable.  I am happy to see child enjoyment with these devices. You can choose from my favorite list.

Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter

Most Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight model to more comfortable carrying and operating
  • Compacted small design with the folding system to store.
  • 100 LED light includes several parts with multiple functions
  • Adjustable handlebar for different height
  • Two-wheel Scooter with the highest safety
  • The durable frame ensures the long-lasting device.

Are you looking for the best child scooter for the child of 5 years to 9 years old? At the very first I would say about Jetson Jupiter Kick two-wheel Scooter.  It has less weight for riding and bearing from one place to another. And the more comfortable folding system for space-saving or storing in the cabinet.

Jupiter kick scooter comes with up to 100 LED lights in the deck stem and handlebar with high visibility. And well its handlebar is compatible with a few heights so that you can adjust it with the growing child. Its full deck will help to keep your babies two feet together on it. Besides, the frame is durable to use with fun over the years. Jetson is featured on the rear foot brake for a complete stop.

The complete measurement of this Scooter is 25 x 10 x 34 inches, and the net weight is 7.14 pounds. Its quality features make it praiseworthy to sincere parents. You can take it without confusion.

Jetson Saturn Folding 3-Wheel Kick Scooter

Most Highlighted Features

  • Three-wheel Scooter with sparkling LED light
  • Highest balance features with backside brake system
  • Adjustable handlebar with Lean-to-Steer System
  • Long-lasting, durable frame of the deck
  • Full deck to stand with two feet together

If you are a little bit more concerned about safety then I suggest checking out the features of this model. It comes with maximum protection of three-wheel support. Its lean-to-steer and double rear wheel can increase their confidence at their first meeting with the Scooter.   As well as, it is a bit heavier than Jetson Jupiter. Instead, the folding system is more natural as well as the pickup and carrying. You will also get 100 LED bright lights with the handlebar, stem, and both sides of the deck frame.

Moreover, the adjustable handlebar and durable frame have still the same as Jetson Jupiter. For proper stopping, it is using the rear brake. Most importantly, it is safer that you can’t supervise during the child riding.

Its complete-dimension are 23.5 x 11.5 x 32.5 inches, and weight are 8.45 pound. It doesn’t sacrifice quality and benefits. Good to know that you are getting this model up to five popular colors.  I love this attractive Scooter for my five years, little child. So, you can go with it. 

Jetson Twin Folding 3-Wheel Kick Scooter

Most Highlighted Features

  • Two large wheels and 2-side by side smaller wheels
  • Highest weight-bearing Scooter for a child
  • Maximum 30.5 “height-adjustable handlebar
  • Lean-to-Steer System includes with the handlebar
  • Easier installation for highly assemble feature.

How if you will get the adjustable weight as well as the adjustable height? Quite good! Jetson twin is providing you with both the adjustable height and weight for your rapidly growing child. It comes with a handlebar of 22.5″ to 30.5 inches. Which can fit with five years and older than five years child? Similarly, it can bear up to 135 lbs. Weight. And its weight is only 7lbs, so your child can handle it easily.  The sparkling LED light will impress your baby’s mind and also the other people. The wheels will ignite every rotation.

Moreover, it has a folding system for changing the place or storing correctly. The total measurement in length, width, and height is 25″ x 6″ x 12″. Another great thing about this model is that you don’t need to get the pain to install it. Because it comes with a maximum setup. Remember this Scooter has foot brake technology and Lean-to-Steer System. Plus, your handlebar is very adjustable for several heights.

My child is using it for the last years with very comfortability. I wish I will buy it again for my nephew. I can strongly suggest choosing this Scooter for your little kids. I am sure they will enjoy more like my child.

How to change the batteries of a Jetson Scooter

Since the deck, stem, and wheel can have about one hundred lights, you need to place a 3 AA battery on the bottom of the floor. Firstly, flip over the Scooter to see clearly underneath the layer to insert the battery. A screwdriver is needed to apart the box. Now set the battery and close the table and make it tight correctly. Further, seal the box door with a screwdriver. Yes! You have done it!

Remember that to lightened the deck, wheel, and handlebar need to switch the emitting light. Keep in mind to switch off the light-emitting diode valve after each ride. It will save the battery for long periods. 

Safety Tips For using Jetson scooter

It is best to use in private property, boundary places, or closed courses. Although it always looks for different obstacles and can quickly turn around in any obstacle. Yet, good to be careful always about your child’s riding with Jupiter.

  • As efficient as the kids are, adults should supervise the children during riding.
  • Justify the local rules and regulation on where to use a Jupiter scooter
  • Keep in mind to adjust with little bit risk and stay active with your common sense.
  • Never use the Jupiter toothier objects or passenger on this Scooter
  • Try to avoid dangerous jumping or aggressive riding to be safe from risk.
  • Keep the hands and fingers away from the running Scooter
  • Right to not use in icy or wet weather
  • Wear knee pad, elbow pad helmet and safety full sleeve shirt before riding.
  • If the child will not adjust their body with the Jupiter scooter then better not to use it

FAQs about Jetson Light-up Scooter

How fast does a Jetson scooter go?

A Jetson scooter can go 15 mph speed. You can notice the Jetson Element Folding Electric Scooter speed. Similarly, this Scooter comes with innovative, funny features with limited safe speed. The 15 mph is quite excited but safe for your baby.

How do you reset a Jetson scooter?

Sometimes you may need to reset the Jetson scooter. Three simple steps can help you to reset it. First of all, put the tempo on a smooth and flat surface and switch off the power button. Then let it stay for about five minutes. Secondly, you have to press the reset button. Finally, restart the power button. Ok, you have done!

Final Words

I believe you can quickly figure out the jetson scooter for your child. Almost all about the Jetson scooter, I have covered above. Besides, my favorite three best Jetson scooters I have mentioned above. You can choose from there. If you need anything more to know about this Scooter, then let me know.