How To Charge Electric Scooter Without Charger During Emergencies

By Abdul Kader

Electric scooters have become popular, thanks to their compact and convenient design. They are now even ideal for long-distance travel with their improved battery capacity. Yet, e-scooter riders often find that they have run out of battery unexpectedly. In such situations, it becomes challenging to find the original charger. At this point, knowing how to charge electric scooter without charger can be your perfect learning of the day.

There are alternative ways to charge your electric scooter without its original charger. You can charge the e-scooter battery with a variable power supply, and car jumper. Also, you can choose a secondary charger that supports your e-scooter battery. These methods are simple, cost-effective, and can be easily implemented using commonly available tools and equipment.

If you are an e-scooter rider and often face battery-related issues, then this article is for you. You will learn the different ways charge your electric scooter without its original charger and tips to improve its battery life. So keep reading to discover the best practices to keep your e-scooter powered up and ready to ride anytime, anywhere.

Guide for How to Charge Electric Scooter Without Charger

Luckily, this guide will help you with how to charge an electric scooter battery. Giving you tips and tricks on how you can charge the battery of your scooter eccentrically. To enable you to make your electric scooter road-worthy and keep its capacity cell sound.

1.  Portable Car Jumper

Portable jumpers are essentially convenient batteries that store higher voltage contrasted with ordinary batteries. With the huge measure of voltage that it has, you can use it to give the charge that your scooter battery needs to prepare it to go.

To endeavor to charge your scooter battery utilizing a versatile portable jumper, basically, follow the guidelines:

Step 1: Attach the Jumper to the Battery

The primary thing you need to do is access the battery by finding a battery compartment of the scooter. At that point interface the two cables of the vehicle jumper to both of the terminals of the power cell. You need to ensure that the red cable is connected to the battery’s certain port and the dark one on the negative port.

At that point, double-check the whole association with a warranty that there are no leaks or breaks for the procedure to be proficient. Make sure, that there are no different gadgets associated with the jumper since it might deplete the jumper rapidly and counteract the battery to be charged.

Step 2: Turn onthe Jumper

Step 2nd is to switch the jumper on. This is to trigger the progression of current from the jumper to the battery. It is this progression of current that will, in the end, charge your battery of the scooter.

Step 3: Leave to Charge

Leave the connections of the scooter for around 20 minutes for the battery to completely charge. Try not to detach the jumper from the battery before the 20-minute span is finished. Such an interruption may harm your battery. It might expose you to the dangers of electric shock or even electrical flames.

Step 4: Check the Battery Levels

You would now be able to check the battery charge level. If that the battery isn’t yet completely charged, you can leave the connection flawless to enable the battery to get more charge or until it’s 100% charged.

Step 5: Disconnect

When you achieve the charge level that you need or the scooter battery is completely charged. You would now be able to turn off the vehicle jumper and disconnect the cables from the battery. Begin by withdrawing the dark cable from the negative port of the battery, trailed by joining the cable associated with the positive port. You are presently allowed to test the ride and go.

2.  Use a Universal Power Adapter

An all-inclusive power adaptor is an electronic gadget that can put away electrical charge for quite a while. It is additionally better than most different gadgets of its sort in that it is perfect with however many gadgets as could reasonably be expected. It’s also a process on how to charge an electric scooter without the charger. You will, subsequently, no doubt think that it’s fit to your one-of-a-kind circumstance. Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Plug the Power Cable to Adapter

The adaptor as expressed can oblige various types of gadgets. You will in this manner be sure that in any event one of the interfacing wires can accommodate your port. Locate this particular one and interface it to the port of your battery. Fitting it in firmly to maintain a strategic distance from any leakages that may render some loss of intensity.

Step 2: Switch off the Power

Continue to turn off your scooter’s electrical plugs. Turn off the radio, lights, and some other segment of the scooter that might draw control. This is to speed up the way toward charging and lessen the wastage of vitality.

Step 3: Leave to Charge

Leave the battery to charge for quite a while. The all-inclusive adaptor accumulates less voltage than its vehicle jumper partner. Hence, you won’t need to wait for a really long time just like the case with the vehicle jumper above. Don’t, along these lines, wait for the battery to completely charge before detaching.

Step 4: Disconnect

When the charge is drained, unplug the power link and begin the scooter.


  • Deionized water or Electrolyte.
  • Positive and negative connections of electric cables.
  • Voltmeter and Hydrometer to screen the charge.
  • Gloves and goggles for hands and eyes wellbeing.
  • Dry and cool spot.
  • This second choice is a stop-gap measure as in it just causes you to explore a troublesome circumstance. It doesn’t at all give a permanent or enduring answer for your power issue.


As you may see, this accomplishment can be practiced. The different alternatives are anyway not all that dependable, particularly over the long haul. Regardless you need to locate a changeless answer for the issue to abstain from experiencing superfluous burdens. That is how to charge an electric scooter without a charger and the well-ordered procedure of utilizing a vehicle jumper to give the charge to your scooter battery.

Make a point to wear defensive apparatuses like elastic gloves and goggles to shield yourself from anything that may turn out badly. When you get your scooter battery completely charged, your scooter will be road-worthy prepared to take on long-distance drives with smooth execution.