How To Charge a Razor Scooter Without The Charger

By Abdul Kader

None of the manufactures can beat Razor when it comes to electric scooters. They are vastly famous for producing electric scooters which come with the durable build quality and provide efficient performance. Razor has manufactured a large number of electric scooters which vary on different options like size, speed, color, distance, and speed option. However, Razor has around three foremost scooters and some variations for each.  They are the E100 series, E200 series, and the E300 series. The Razor E300 series come with the most powerful battery and features. Today we will discuss How to charge a razor scooter without the charger.

As the name suggests, the electric scooters use electrical power to run. You cannot start the engine of the electric scooter if it doesn’t have enough power. The Razor electric scooters come with much stronger batteries when compared to the electric scooter from other brands. On a full charge, you can go up to 10 miles to 15 miles which is definitely good coverage by a scooter.

As like as the other electric devices, the electric scooters are also needed to be correctly charged for use smoothly. But you will not be able to do it in the usual way if your charger became damaged. Moreover, it also takes time to arrive when you order the replacement of the battery. So how can you charge the scooter in this period? Well, we have discussed a step-by-step guide for charging the razor scooter without the charger. Keep reading this article with proper concertation to know How to charge a razor scooter without the charger.

How to Charge a Razor Scooter Without the Charger

There are times when it can be tough to find a charger to charge your Razor electric scooter. We can help you to ease such situations. Below, we will let you know about some of the most efficient ways to charge a razor scooter. Below, we will find two of the best ways of charging: 

First Method: How to Charge a Razor Scooter By removing the Battery

A lot of us don’t know that the battery of an electric scooter can be changed manually. It is possible, and you will not even need a lot of technical knowledge for it. The first and foremost thing you will require for applying this method is a battery charger. You can find it at any nearby local or online electric components shops. You will also need a screwdriver, a volt-meter, and a power supply plug. Gather these items before starting to work efficiently. 

#1. Unhook the Battery

The process of removing the battery from the razor scooter is straightforward. The cells of the Razor Scooter stay under the deck. You will remove the screws using the screwdriver and then remove the deck. Under this, you will find a rod enclosed by two screws to hold the battery in its place. Remove the rod by eliminating the screws.  Then you will see two wire terminals which are connecting the batteries with the motor. Unplug the wire from the white leads. There will also be two separate leads at the bottom. Unplug them too and take out the battery.

Do you know recharging the battery in the open air is the best way to get maximum performance from the battery? Charging produces heat, and when you recharge the battery in the enclosed crater, it starts heating up. The heats result wears off of the electric connection which affects the battery performance.

#2. Recharge the Battery

We have talked with the battery charger previously that you can buy from the store. A battery charger is a device that is used to put energy in a secondary cell. There are different types of battery chargers. But all of them should come with two standard red and black wires. The red cables mean it is the positive terminal, and the black wires mean the negative terminal. As soon as you connect the charger with the electric supply and join the two wires of the scooter’s charger with the charger’s wire, it will start charging the battery.

There is another that comes in the form of encasement where you will need to remove the batteries from the scooter and put them inside the device. After that, you will need to connect the power cord of the charger with the electrical supply to start charging.

#3. Decide How Long You Should Charge

Most of the charger comes with an indicator which let you know as soon as the battery fully charged. Typically, the chargers come with a green light indicator that lights up when the battery is full. However, not all the battery charger comes with an indicator. In this case, you will need to charge the battery for the period that is written in the user manual of the scooter. Most of the razor scooter takes a minimum of 12 hours for charging the battery. So we will suggest you charge the battery for 12 to 24 hours.

#4. Stop Charging when the Battery is full

Remember we have mentioned the volt-meter as a required tool? Well, we are going to use it now in this part. We will use it to determine how much time will require for charging the batteries. Connect the two terminals of the charger to the voltmeter to see the preserved voltage. Typically, the voltage is around 12 to 13 volts. If the voltage sees less than 12 then the battery will need to charge for a long time.

#5. Put the Battery Back in the Scooter

Now the battery is fully charged, and you will need to put them back in its place. Connect the wires on their specific port and then put the battery in the same alignment. They put the other parts back and fix the screws properly. Make sure that the rod that holds the battery and the deck are tightly secured before you start the scooter.

Second Method: How to Charge a Razor Scooter with Variable Charger

You can also employ a variable charged to charge the Razor scooter battery without using a charger. You will find the handy tool in any nearby hardware store. A variable charger enables you to safely charge the electric scooter battery by limiting the electric flow. Here is how to utilize a variable charger for charging your scooter battery:

#1. Connect the Battery

First, remove the battery from its compartment if you don’t have done it yet. Then connect the battery with the variable charger. You should find detailed information on the user manual of the variable charger on how to use it. Follow the guide for connecting the charger. 

#2. Set the Voltage

After successfully connecting the battery with the charger, you will now require setting up the voltage limit. Check the user manual or the battery specification to find its voltage. Typically, the voltage of the razor scooter batteries is around 4.2V/cell. If you cannot find the voltage level, contact the manufacturer to be assured of it.  

#3. Set the Current

Once you are done setting up the voltage, you will now require limiting the current flow. Based on the capacity of the battery, set the current flow up to 20% based on the capacity of the battery. 

#4. Charge the Battery

Now you can start charging the battery. If you see falls in the current rate, then you can assume that the battery is charging. The charging should be complete when the rate falls to 4 to 3 percent. After that, you can remove the charger and put back the battery.

What is the Recommended Battery Charging Procedure?

To ensure a long-lasting performance from the batteries, you must charge them correctly. Almost all the Razor scooter batteries take around 12 hours to be fully charged. You will need to charge the scooter for the period of the best performance. The manufacture Razor recommends the user to charge the battery after every use even if the battery is not completely drained. Here is the recommended procedure for charging the batteries from Razor:

  • The Razor scooters come with different type of charger (either 24 volts or 36 volts) depending on the model. Make sure that you have the exact charger to get a long-lasting performance from the battery.
  • When you plugged the charger in your electric outlet, the power indicator light should be solid green.
  • Now connect the charger with the charging port in your Razor scooter. The indicator light should change into solid red after this.
  • You will see the green light indicator again if the scooter is fully charger. When you will see it, at first, disconnect the charger from the electric source and then from your scooter. After that, you are ready to use the scooter.

How Long Does a Razor Electric Scooter Battery Last?

It is a common question about the razor scooter amongst the customer. If you follow the recommended procedure of charging, then your scooter battery should last for a long time. However, that doesn’t mean that the scooter will last forever. Yes, after charging and using it so many times, one day you will need to change the batteries. It is difficult to provide a straight answer to the question as the duration of a battery depends on a lot of things.

Razor has a frame for manufacturing quality goods which last a long time. The lifespan of the cells depends on the frequency of use. If you are an occasional user, then you will need to charge less the batteries, and they will stay okay for a long time. But if you are using the scooter every day, then you will need to charge them much, and you may need to replace them a little bit faster.

On average, the Razor scooter batteries stay ok around 2 to 3 seasons of use. If your scooter battery is coming close to its life cycle, then you should consider changing it to a new one.

Changing the Razor Scooter Battery and Charger

If the batteries of your razor scooter can’t hold the charges properly, then you will need to replace the battery or buy a replacement set of the batteries. You will get an optimum level of performance as like as you did the first time after purchasing the scooter. So you can consider changing the batteries of your scooter to stay away from any related hassles.

Another interesting thing is the charger of the razor scooter is also available. If you broke, lose, or damaged the charger of the scooter then you can purchase a new one. They are available on a lot of trusted offline shops as well as on some of the popular online shops such as Amazon, Sears, etc.

The other parts of the razor scooters are also available. As a result, you don’t need to throw away the scooter when one part of it is damaged. You can solve the damage or always replace the available components in the market which are directly made by the manufacturer company Razor. Basically the price of a scooter is more or less depending on the battery and motor.

Final Words

The electric scooter can be an excellent companion for you to glide through the neighborhood and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Moreover, it is also a unique device for transportation purposes.  As scooting gives you pleasure, you also need to take care of it properly to get better performance from it.

If you have a razor electric scooter which battery or charger is damaged, we hope this article on How to charge a razor scooter without the charger will help you to find a solution for it. If you have any questions about the process, then please let us know by comment.