How Fast Does a Kick Scooter Go – The Top Speed

By Abdul Kader

How Fast Does a Kick Scooter Go

A kick scooter can go at a speed of about 10-15 mph. Riding a kick scooter allows for a fun and convenient mode of transportation, particularly for short distances.

It is important to consider factors such as comfortability and experience when determining the speed at which you can travel on a kick scooter. We will explore the various aspects of kick scooter speed, including the recommended distances, pros and cons, as well as the comparison to other forms of commuting.

So, if you’re curious about how fast you can go on a kick scooter, keep reading to find out more.

Factors Affecting Kick Scooter Speed

When it comes to kick scooters, speed is an important factor to consider. Various elements can affect how fast a scooter can go. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key factors that can impact kick scooter speed.

Quality Of The Scooter

The quality of the scooter plays a crucial role in determining how fast it can go. High-quality scooters are often designed with lightweight materials and advanced technology, allowing for improved speed and performance. Scooters with sturdy frames and durable wheels can provide better stability and maneuverability at higher speeds.

Type Of Surface

The type of surface you ride your kick scooter on can have a significant impact on its speed. Smooth and even surfaces, such as pavement or concrete, offer less resistance and allow the scooter to glide effortlessly. On the other hand, rough or uneven terrains like gravel or grass can slow down the scooter, making it more challenging to reach maximum speed. So, to enjoy a faster ride, opt for surfaces that are smooth and well-maintained.

Rider’s Weight And Strength

An often overlooked factor that affects kick scooter speed is the rider’s weight and strength. Heavier riders may experience slightly slower speeds due to increased resistance. Additionally, the strength and power of the rider’s kicks can influence the scooter’s acceleration and overall speed. Riders who can generate more force and speed with their kicks will likely achieve higher speeds on their scooters.

Overall, the combination of a high-quality scooter, smooth surface, and an efficient kick from a rider can result in impressive speeds on a kick scooter. By considering these factors, riders can make informed choices and enhance their scooting experience.

How Fast Does a Kick Scooter Go


Maximum Speed Of Kick Scooters

When it comes to kick scooters, one of the most common questions asked is, “How fast do they go?” The maximum speed of kick scooters can vary depending on whether they are regular kick scooters or electric kick scooters. Let’s take a closer look at each type:

Regular Kick Scooters

Regular kick scooters are propelled by the rider’s leg power. They usually have a folding mechanism, making them portable and convenient for short commutes or recreational rides. The maximum speed of regular kick scooters typically ranges between 10-15 miles per hour, depending on the rider’s skill and physical ability.

These scooters are perfect for navigating through crowded streets, parks, or sidewalks. They offer a thrilling and eco-friendly alternative to walking or cycling.

Electric Kick Scooters

Electric kick scooters have gained popularity in recent years due to their convenient electric motor that provides an extra boost of speed. These scooters are becoming increasingly common in urban areas as an efficient mode of transportation.

The maximum speed of electric kick scooters can vary depending on the model and brand. Some entry-level electric scooters can reach speeds of around 15-20 miles per hour, while more advanced models can go as fast as 30 miles per hour or more. These scooters usually come with different speed modes to accommodate riders of various skill levels and safety requirements.

It’s important to note that the maximum speed of electric kick scooters may be subject to local laws and regulations, as some areas have specific speed limits for personal electric vehicles.


Whether you choose a regular kick scooter or an electric kick scooter, it’s essential to ride responsibly and adhere to local traffic rules and safety guidelines. Always wear appropriate safety gear, such as a helmet, while riding, regardless of the scooter’s maximum speed. Remember, the speed at which you ride should prioritize your safety and the safety of others around you.

Comparisons And Recommendations

When it comes to determining how fast a kick scooter can go, it’s natural to compare it to other modes of transportation. In this section, we will compare the speed of a kick scooter with running and walking. We will also provide recommendations for kick scooter models that are known for their speed and performance.

Comparison With Running

Compared to running, a kick scooter may not be able to match the high speeds that some runners can achieve. On average, a person can run at a speed of 8-12 miles per hour. However, kick scooters can still offer a convenient and efficient way to travel shorter distances, especially in urban areas where running might not be feasible.

Comparison With Walking

When compared to walking, kick scooters have a clear advantage in terms of speed. While walking is slow and can take a considerable amount of time to cover even short distances, a kick scooter can easily reach speeds of 10-15 miles per hour, depending on the rider’s skill and the scooter’s capabilities. This makes kick scooters a great option for those who want to get from point A to point B faster than walking.

Recommended Kick Scooter Models

If you’re considering investing in a kick scooter that offers both speed and performance, here are some recommended models:

  • Razor A Kick Scooter: This classic kick scooter is known for its lightweight design and durability. It offers a smooth ride and is suitable for riders of all ages.
  • Madd Gear Kick Pro Scooter: This scooter is built for speed and performance. It features high-quality components and is perfect for riders who want to push their limits.
  • SEHOMY Electric Scooter: For those who prefer an electric kick scooter, this model offers a powerful motor that can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. It also has a long battery life for extended rides.

These kick scooter models are highly recommended for their reliability, speed, and overall performance. Choose the one that suits your needs and enjoy the thrill of cruising around on a kick scooter!

How Fast Does a Kick Scooter Go


Safety Precautions For High-speed Scooting

Get ready for an exhilarating ride! Kick scooters can reach speeds up to 15 mph, making safety precautions crucial. Follow guidelines like wearing protective gear, staying aware of your surroundings, and practicing safe braking to ensure a fun and secure high-speed scooting experience.

Safety Precautions for High-Speed Scooting

Wearing Protective Gear

When it comes to zipping around on a kick scooter at high speeds, safety should always be a top priority. Wearing appropriate protective gear is crucial to ensure your well-being. This includes:

  • A helmet to protect your head from any potential injuries.
  • Knee and elbow pads to safeguard your joints from impact.
  • Gloves to provide a firm grip on the handlebars and protect your hands in case of a fall.
  • Sturdy footwear with closed-toe shoes that offer good traction for greater control.

Maintaining Control

When riding a kick scooter at high speeds, it is essential to maintain control over the vehicle to prevent accidents. Here are some tips to help you maintain control:

  1. Keep your body weight centered over the scooter, distributing your weight evenly between both feet.
  2. Hold the handlebars firmly with both hands, keeping your arms slightly bent for better stability.
  3. Maintain a firm grip on the scooter while keeping your wrists aligned to minimize strain.
  4. Stay alert and focused on the road ahead, anticipating obstacles or potential dangers.
  5. Practice braking techniques to ensure you can stop quickly and effectively when needed.

Obeying Traffic Laws

While enjoying the speed and thrill of kick scooter riding, it is vital to remember that you are sharing the road with other vehicles and pedestrians. To ensure a safe ride, always obey traffic laws and regulations. This includes:

  • Adhering to speed limits and adjusting your speed accordingly to match the surrounding traffic.
  • Using hand signals to indicate your intentions, such as stopping or turning.
  • Yielding to pedestrians and giving them the right of way.
  • Staying in designated lanes and avoiding riding on sidewalks where prohibited.
  • Being aware of your surroundings and avoiding distractions like using your phone while riding.

By following these safety precautions, you can enjoy the thrill and speed of high-speed scooting while minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries. Remember, your safety is in your hands, so always prioritize it while riding a kick scooter.

How Fast Does a Kick Scooter Go


Frequently Asked Questions Of How Fast Does A Kick Scooter Go

Is A Kick Scooter Faster Than Running?

A kick scooter is generally faster than running, with speeds averaging around 10-15 mph. Scooting provides a quicker and more efficient mode of transportation compared to running.

How Much Faster Is Scootering Than Walking?

Kick scootering is about twice as fast as walking, with an average speed of 10-15 mph.

What Scooter Goes 100 Mph?

The Dualped Speed Demon is the fastest kick scooter, reaching speeds of up to 100 mph.

What Scooter Goes 80 Mph?

The Dualped Speed Demon is a scooter that can reach speeds of up to 80 mph.


The speed of a kick scooter can vary depending on various factors such as the rider’s weight, terrain, and scooter model. On average, kick scooters can reach speeds of 10-15 mph, which is about twice the speed of walking. However, it’s important to note that safety should always be prioritized, and riders should follow local regulations and guidelines while using kick scooters.

So, whether you’re looking for a fun and efficient mode of transportation or a way to enjoy some outdoor exercise, a kick scooter can be a great option.