Best Stunt Scooter for Teenager

By Abdul Kader

Scooters are a trendy item that makes quite an appealing and catchy appearance wherever it’s seen. The kids and teenagers dote on it. Scooters are never out of style, even though they mainly left a mark on pop culture with constant TV appearances in the 2010s. Well, the skate parks are still very much alive and screeching, so it’s obvious you feel the rush to get one.

Scooters are hot with the teens, but that doesn’t leave the adults out yet. No one is too old to look cool. So our list below, we have the best stunt scooters for kids as well. Stunts and tricks are something we all love in scooters. After taking into account everyone’s needs and interests in scooters, we have listed some of the quality scooters you will love. In this article, we will cover your needs and wants with the best stunt scooter for teenager, hence keep reading. 

Top 5 Teens Stunt Scooters Comparison

Product ImageProduct NameQuick SpecificationPrice
Mongoose Freestyle Kick ScooterBrand: Mongoose
Weight: 5.38 Kilograms
Capacity: 220 Pounds
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Gotrax Pro ScootersBrand: Gotrax
Age: 10+ Years
Capacity: 220 lbs
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Swagtron ST047 Elite ProBrand: Swagtron
Weight: 8.6 Pounds
Capacity: 260 lbs
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Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt ScooterBrand: Royal Scooters
Weight: 7.9 Pounds
Material: Polyurethane/Aluminum
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Arcade Rogue Pro ScootersBrand: ARCADE
Weight: 8 lbs
Capacity: 140 lbs
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5 Best Stunt Scooter for Teenager Reviews

Scooters are pretty trendy and on-fleek nowadays. We know you want one too since you are here. We got it right below, so no worries. The comprehensive list of 5 teens pro stunt scooters compiled from adequate research and judgments follows as:

Mongoose Rise Youth and Adult Freestyle Kick Scooter

Mongoose is a high-quality brand aimed to support all age ranges and both beginners and pros. You don’t have to fear any kind of stunts with this scooter at your feet.

Shades of choice: The scooter includes a flipping range of 8 colors for all your different preferences and styles, enabling you enough space for self-expression.

T-bar handlebar: Scared about hand slipping over slippery handles? Mongoose brings you a T-bar handlebar that is welded for an inseparable bond between you and the scooter.

Steel Brakes: The brake provides an anti-rattling experience, allowing you to swing smooth tricks anytime and anywhere. 

MaxGrip: The deck consists of MaxGrip with a max breadth that helps with footing for starters to get comfy on their scooter. This also gives the rider a safer experience.

ABEC-7 Bearings: The scooter comes with ABEC-7 Bearings, best for rookies who need minimum speed for better adjustment to the scooter. 


  • T-bar handlebar allows better grip on the handlebar
  • ABEC-7 bearings great for starters
  • Lightweight alloy for swift tricks
  • Steel brakes make for a smooth ride
  • CNC alloy fork provide perfect steering


  • Wheels could be larger
  • Doesn’t allow many tricks

Gotrax Pro Scooters – Durable Aircraft Aluminum Stunt Scooter

This scooter will add a professional sheen to every teenager’s profile. The durable cast steel of the Gotrax Pro Scooter will last for the longest time with a multitude of tricks and techniques to provide its master. 

The trickster: The skate park will gleam with Grotax Pro as the teenager will effortlessly make the swiftest and safest tricks. 

IHC Compression System: Built with a proficient IHC Compression System, the brusqueness of the floor upon landing after a jump and tricks will be absorbed. 

High Tensile Steel: High Tensile Steel makes for a show-stopping tailwhip and tricks better than that.

Stable standard: Manufactured with a premium Aluminum Alloy Fork, the scooter gets the sharpest stability on every ride. 

Smoother than silk: With a transcendent ride, you always expect a tranquil ambiance. The Gotrax Pro is definitely going to serve on that feature with its quiet Mn-Steel Brakes. 

ABEC-9 Bearings: ABEC-9 Bearings also provide safety. Kids will quickly adapt to this scooter and freestyle as much as they please.


  • Great for extreme stunts in skate parks
  • Quiet performance for a cozy ambiance
  • Vibrant colors offer much enthusiasm
  • Smooth ride with ABEC-9 bearings


  • Doesn’t make do in gritty surfaces
  • The deck could be broader

SWAGTRON ST047 Elite Dragon Advanced Pro Scooter for Teenager

SWAGTRON really did come with many swaggers with ST047 Advanced Freestyle Scooter to oomph a lot of skaters in the valley. Either on the rocky grounds or the silkiest paved roads, SWAGTRON shall never fail its master. 

Robust: Your favorite scooter brand SWAGTRON comes with an aviator style steel and 6061-aluminum deck, all ultra-robust.

6061-aluminum deck: the 6061-aluminum deck is proffering you a hundred percent durability.

Lightweight: All for its dynamism, its magnitude is barely 9 lbs, so you get all the ease and breeze.

Swagger with tricks: If you wanna freestyle, you can do that, but know that with this, you can go all the way to the top. So everyone will know your name as you finally accomplish your signature trick with the ST047 Elite trick scooter. These are the best trick scooters for 13-year-olds. You can now handle all the tricks there are, from buttercup kicks to double flares, bar whips, you name it.

Stylish: The scooter comes with a minimalistic design that is sleek and on-trend, so you can flaunt it to your friends effortlessly.


  • Robust with premium steel build
  • The 6061-aluminum deck provides appropriate thickness
  • Aesthetic with trendy minimalistic design
  • Great for performing professional tricks


  • Squeaking back wheel
  • A little small in height

Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter for Teenage

Royal Guard always manufactures pro stunt scooters that will last for years to come and years to go. For all the simplicity in its build, it can handle more brusque surfaces than you think. This indestructible scooter is really pretty royal, after all, it seems.

Durable: You are getting durability and design in one scooter as you zoom past the blocks to the gritty lanes. TIG welding gives it an oomph in the endurability with skillful welding in its joints.

Lightweight: The aluminum scooter is feathery and light, so you won’t be impeded upon a speedy tricky ride.

Flex brake: The flex brake destroys all possibilities of a rattling sound that will ruin the atmosphere of the entire ride. 

Ribbed Grips: A good grip can really be a game-changer. It’s better to stay on the safe side of Freestyle Stunt Scooter’s ribbed grips.


  • Steel bearings that are swift and concise
  • Ribbed grips offer utmost comfort
  • 88A PU cast wheels with spoked Cores provide rebound with the most significant height
  • Rear Braking Brake style supports the rider with ease
  • Aluminum bars treated with heat doubling the strength of older ones


  • Can’t adjust the height of the scooter or handlebars
  • Fork can’t reach over 100mm on the wheels

Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter – Awesome Stunt Scooter for Teens

Razor A5 Scooter provides a premium quality ride with oversized wheels for stability, which is definitely the best stunt scooter for beginners. Not a lot of assembly is needed, and it can be folded up anywhere, so you get all the convenience you need.

An effortless ride: The scooter is equipped with urethane wheels that absorb shock in contact with any kind of surface makes for minimal effort. The wheels are big enough as well to proffer the best balance.

Lightweight: Aluminum is quite feathery, so the material won’t hold you back from great moves.

Durable: Aluminum deck and handlebar give a hundred percent durability to the scooter that will last the owner for decades to go. Urethane wheels, on the other hand, work well against friction while being quite sturdy as well. 

Inclusivity: All age groups are welcome for a swing. The handlebars can be stretched to any height and be used anywhere at all. Use it anytime, either for a quick ride down the road or the skate park for showtime. 


  • Adjustments are quite useful
  • Assembly is convenient and minimalistic
  • Inclusivity towards most ages
  • Bigger wheels provide better support


  • Kickstand with retraction isn’t found in all colors
  • Rear Brake isn’t available

Having read this article, you are probably excited about a quick ride. After selecting the best stunt scooter for teenagers from our list, you are bound to get the most enthralling experience in your lifetime. Perhaps you will be taken back to your childhood when you did have a blast with your kid’s pro scooter. Either way, you are off for a great ride.

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