Best Stunt Scooter For 12 Year Old

By Abdul Kader

Selecting a scooter for the kid is not an easy job, especially when it is a stunt scooter. That is because the stunt scooters need to be the toughest in strength to ensure durable and safe performance. All the features, including the deck, bar, fork, etc. need to be thoroughly checked to be assured about the product.

There are vast variations of the stunt scooters available in the market currently. It can be complicated and overwhelming to pick one from such an extensive number of possible choices. However, don’t worry; we are here to assist you.

In today’s piece of writing, we will introduce you to some of the best stunt scooter for 12 year old. We will also give an in-depth buying guide to make it easier for you to decide which one will suits the kid best. So, keep reading the next parts of the article with full concentration. 

What is Stunt Scooter?

The stunt scooter is one of the many variations of the kick scooter that is used for performing freestyle stunt tricks. Usually, these scooters are optimized to use in skate parks, and they can be mentioned as BMX bikes when compared to road bikes. There is some difference in feature and design in the stunt scooters. Such as, they arrive with a stricter frame, fixed handlebar, and smaller wheels.

Why is Important to Select Best Stunt Scooter for Your 12 Year kids?

The usual kick-scooters are not suitable for stunt or freestyle tricks. That is because they usually don’t arrive with the required strength to deal with the shocks and impacts during the stunts. It is crucial to select a sturdy stunt scooter for performing freestyle stunts or tricks.

Using a typical kick-scooter for stunts may break down and cause serious injuries. More so, it will also be hard for the kids to properly perform the stunts or tricks as the scooter doesn’t arrive with proper optimization for skate-parks or tracks.

  • The correct kick scooter can boost the kid’s motor skill as well as confidence level.
  • It can be an eco-friendly medium of transportation for commuting to school.
  • By burning the fat, the scooter can help the kid to keep him physically fit.
  • Scooter riding is a fun activity that also helps improve the mental health of the kid.
  • Kick scooter can make him ready for riding a bicycle and bikes in the long run. 

Overall Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old

The Land-Surfer Stunt Trick scooter for kids is the best-selling trick scooter available in the market currently. One of the most remarkable things about the scooter is it arrives with quality features but is still available at an affordable price. It has a remarkable outlook with quality features like a 360-degree reinforced deck, a durable frame, quality polyurethane wheels, and other amazing features.

Key Features

  • Beautiful and colorful appearance.
  • Durable and reinforced 360-degree swivel deck.
  • Robust tubular steel frame construction.
  • Smooth and speedy polyurethane wheels.
  • Lightweight and easy to ride and control.

Top 5 Kids Pro Stunt Scooters Comparison

Product ImageProduct NameQuick SpecificationPrice
Mongoose Freestyle Kick ScooterBrand: Mongoose
Weight: 5.38 Kilograms
Capacity: 220 Pounds
Check Price
Pulse KR2 Freestyle ScooterBrand: Pulse Performance
Weight: 4.22 Kilograms
Capacity: 140 lbs
Check Price
Arcade Rogue Pro ScootersBrand: ARCADE
Weight: 8 lbs
Capacity: 140 lbs
Check Price
Gotrax Pro ScootersBrand: Gotrax
Age: 10+ Years
Capacity: 220 lbs
Check Price
Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt ScooterBrand: Royal Scooters
Weight: 7.9 Pounds
Material: Polyurethane/Aluminum
Check Price

10 Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old Reviews

The mentioned stunt scooters have been chosen based on our in-depth research considering various aspects of the product. We thoroughly checked the build quality, toughness, components quality, and previous customer impressions while selecting the scooters. Check out the detailed reviews of the product below.

1. Albott Pro Stunt Scooter – Complete Trick Scooters

Key Features

  • 100mm high-resilience PU+PC material wheels.
  • 4.2inch wide and 19.2inch matte deck with cool patterns.
  • Include 360-degree handlebar with comfortable rubber grips.
  • Scooter weight is 7lbs and carries up to 220lbs.
  • Cast steel alloy with Aluminum triple Scooter Clamp.

The Albott Pro Scooters is one of the best stunt scooters for teenagers that you can gift to your growing kids. What amazed us about the scooter are its quality features and accurate optimizations to ensure superior performance. The scooter is equipped with quality high-resilience durable 100mm wheels. 

The wheels are made with a combination of polyurethane and polycarbonate materials to ensure smooth rides and a softer landing.  It also includes a matte deck with cool patterns and ample rooms to ensure safe stunts for the young riders.

The Albott Pro Stunt Scooter includes a 360-degree handlebar that makes the stunts easier for beginner and entry-level riders. More so, the structure of the scooter is made of aluminum materials, which makes it extremely lightweight. It weighs only 7.3lbs to ensure easier handling and maneuverability. Such designs make it easier for the riders to practice new tricks without a lot of effort.

The scooter includes a steel fork along with ABEC- bearings. These features allow a fully stable and smooth riding experience. More so, it has rubber grips on the handles to offer a comfortable and secure grip while sliding. The weight-bearing capacity of the scooter is 200lbs or 100kg. Kids who are eight years up and any adult who is less than 100kg can comfortably use the pro stunt scooter.

What We Liked 

  • Quality and lightweight aluminum construction for longevity.
  • Wheels are made of PU and PC materials to ensure a soft landing.
  • ABEC-7 bearings and steel fork to ensure stability.
  • 360-degree handlebar for easier stunts.
  • Supportive grip to ensure comfort and safety.
  • Available at an affordable price.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The headsets may become loose and require tightening frequently.

Buying Advice: As per our research, the Albott Pro Stunt Scooter is overall an impressive product within a tight budget. It includes quality features that are well-optimized to ensure long-term performance. What comes as a plus is the two years warranty from efficient and always ready customer service.

2. Mongoose Rise Kick Scooter – Freestyle Stunt for Kids

Key Features

  • Lightweight aluminum deck along with extended-standing area.
  • Includes front and rear alloy pegs for performing tricks.
  • It has full-coverage slip-resistant MaxGrip on the deck.
  • One-piece T-bar steel welded handlebar with bike-style grips.
  • Threadless headsets and quadruple anodized clamp collar.
  • It can bear up to 220lbs and eight years old.

The Mongoose Rise Freestyle Kick Scooter is one of the most well-designed kick scooters available in the market currently. It also arrives with some outstanding features to ensure you a decent performance on the skatepark. It comes with a lightweight alloy deck with an extended standing area along with front and rear alloy pegs for a professional level of performance. The deck also includes a textured grip to resist slipping.

The Mongoose Rise Freestyle Kick Scooter is exceptionally smooth to rides with high impact 100mm wheels accompanied by ABEC-7 bearings. Such a combination of features ensures smooth non-slip riding over different terrains. The scooter includes a one-piece welded steel T-bar handlebar along with bike-style grips. It is strong enough to resist the heavy impacts for a long-time while ensuring superior comfort.

The Mongoose Rise Freestyle Kick Scooter also includes a quadruple anodized clamp collar to ensure precise and crisp steering wherever you go. It also consists of a steel brake to ensure safe speed control. The scooter is made with a heavy-duty frame to ensure long-term performance without causing any issues. The scooter can carry up to 220 pounds of weight and riders who are more than eight years old.

What We Liked 

  • Well-designed scooter with adequate features.
  • Durable and heavy-duty frame for long-term performance.
  • Smooth and non-slip rolling wheels for comfortable rides.
  • Extended weight carrying capacity.
  • Slip-resistant and wide textured grip.

What We Didn’t Like

  • e users claimed issues about pegs and fork.

Buying Advice: The Mongoose Rise Freestyle Kick Scooter can be an excellent pick for any beginner-level rider who is interested in stunts and tricks. The scooter will help him to sharpen his skills easily while staying safe and sound. All the parts of the scooter are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that it can offer long-term performance without any issues. 

3. UHINOOS Stunt Scooter Pro Scooter for Older Kids

Key Features

  • Innovative cross-bar design with more stable performance.
  • A durable steel alloy handlebar allows easier direction.
  • Heat-treated integrated 6061 aluminum deck.
  • Forged double-bolt aluminum clamp for the safety of the rider.
  • Flexible manganese steel fender brake for easier speed control.
  • Non-adjustable hydraulic pressure Y bar for extra-strength.

Searching for a well-designed pro scooter at a reasonable price? Then the UHINOOS Stunt Scooter Pro Scooters for Beginners can be an excellent choice for you. The scooter arrives with a combination of black and red colors, which makes it look so elegant. More so, it features a steel alloy handlebar accompanied by a cross-bar design, which ensures you a stable performance while performing trick stunts. It also includes shock-absorbing hand grips for a comfortable riding experience.

The UHINOOS Stunt Scooter Pro Scooters feature lightweight but super-tough equipment to ensure durability as well as proper comfort while riding. The deck of the scooter is crafted from heat-treated integrated 6061 aluminum material. That means the deck is superiorly strong enough to deal with the heavy impacts of the stunts. The scooter also includes a forged double-bolt aluminum clamp to ensure the safety of the users.

The UHINOOS Stunt Scooter Pro Scooters feature a manganese steel fender brake, which lets the rider easily stop the scooter as required. It operates noise-free and is highly durable to absorb shocks.

The frame of the scooter is powder-coated to resist scratch and keep the look like new for a long time. More so, it has an extra-strength nylon mix fiber solid wheel that ensures safety as well as provides smooth rides.

What We Liked 

  • Well-designed and cost-efficient.
  • It is made from durable materials.
  • It is optimized to ensure safety and comfort.
  • Light-weight but super-tough equipment.
  • Perfect for both beginners and advance riders.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The included grip tape is not that high-quality.

Buying Advice: The Mongoose Rise Freestyle Kick Scooter is available at an affordable price. Though it is available at a low price, the manufacturer doesn’t compromise the quality of the scooter a bit. It has a beautiful and shiny finish along with superior quality construction. Notably, the deck and frame of the scooter are very well-optimized for comfortable rides and higher durability. You can consider picking the scooter. 

4. MADD GEAR MGP Kick Series – Kids Pro Scooter

Key Features

  • Made from quality materials to ensure durability.
  • Include TPR Swirl Grips for comfort and security.
  • Arrives with an integrated headset and alloy fork.
  • Alloy core wheels to ensure smooth and pleasant rides.
  • It is recommended for riders more than six years old.
  • Can carry up to 220 lbs. of riders.

The MADD GEAR MGP Kick Series come from one of the best pro scooters brands of the current time, Madd Gear. The scooter from the manufacturer is backed by industry-leading quality and durability. It is a colorful scooter with a wide range of optimizations to ensure superior performance for your little one. Made from quality materials, the scooter can offer long-term durability without any issues.  

The MADD GEAR MGP Kick Series scooter is infused with nine generations of technology. More so, the scooter has been tested by the world’s best pro stunt riders. The scooter is recently upgraded with new features to ensure better performance. It brings TRP Swirl Grips to ensure better comfort and tight control. There are also Alloy Fork and Alloy core wheels to provide smooth rides both on and off track.

The MADD GEAR MGP Kick Series include V2 Composite Blitz Brake, which lets you control the speed easily and securely. It is recommended for riders whose age is more than six years old.

It can carry up to 220LBs of weight without any issues. It can perfectly accompany any rider from 3.7-inches to 4.30-inches. The scooter is backed by three years warranty from the manufacturer. It is also very easy to put together in three steps.

What We Liked 

  • Beautiful outlook with five color assortments.
  • Tension-free rides with three years warranty.
  • Comes pre-dialed with three-step easy assembly.
  • It was tested by the best pro stunt riders.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some users find the scooter a little bit hard to ride.

Buying Advice: The MADD GEAR is considered the number one brand of the Pro Scooter currently. The MADD GEAR MGP Kick Series is a premium-grade scooter from the manufacturers. It also looks amazing with the five excellent color assortments that let you move with style. If you are searching for a branded scooter at a reasonable price, then the MADD GEAR MGP Kick Series can be an absolute no-brainer for you.

5. Pulse Performance Products KR2 Freestyle Scooter

Key Features

  • W-wheeled freestyle scooter with oversized handlebars.
  • Heat-treated and reinforced aluminum deck and handle construction.
  • High-impact and reliable core 100m urethane wheels with ABEC-5 bearings.
  • Intuitive flat spring-steel rear foot brake for quick stops.
  • Hi-tensile steel fork handles to deal with the impacts.
  • Perfect for five years and up with maximum weight 140lbs.

Pulse Performance Products have been manufacturing quality scooters for a long time. The Pulse Performance Products KR2 Freestyle Scooter is one of the best-selling products from the manufacturer. It is made for beginner riders with proper optimization to let them learn stunts while being comfortable and safe.

The first impression of the product will be its classy but straightforward outlook. The simplified look of the scooter will make it an excellent choice for people who seek a gentle design. The Pulse Performance Products KR2 Freestyle Scooter arrives with a heavy-duty frame and deck construction. It includes a heavy-duty and reinforced 6000 segues aluminum deck. The handlebar tube is also made from the same material.

Such a premium-grade construction makes the scooter extremely durable and offers long-lasting rides. It also includes an oversized handlebar. It makes the scooter a suitable choice for kids who want to start scooting.   

The Pulse Performance Products KR2 Freestyle Scooter features 100mm high-impact and solid core urethane wheels. ABEC-5 bearings accompany the wheels. Such a combination of features ensures smooth rides both on track and off tracks. There is also a spring-steel rear foot brake that provides quick stopping power. On the other hand, the hi-tensile steel fork handles high impacts while performing the stunts.

What We Liked 

  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting construction.
  • Smooth and easily moving wheels.
  • Easy to control with oversized handles.
  • Secure and slip-resistant grip tape on the deck surface.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some users claimed bearings are of cheap quality.
  • Less weight carrying capacity.

Buying Advice: The Pulse Performance Products KR2 Freestyle Scooter is a well-researched product. Though it arrives with some of the top-notch quality features, the scooter is available at an affordable price. So, if you are low on budget, you can consider buying the scooter without any further thoughts.

6. Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter – Best Stunt for Kids

Key Features

  • High-quality and light-weight prodigy deck with venom finish.
  • High-Density aluminum reaper style bars with TPR hand grips.
  • High-grade and forged v2 prodigy IHC matte black forks.
  • Fast and smooth Hollow Core Wheels made of Poly Urethane.
  • Nylon Front Plate, High-quality Grip Tape, and Rear inserts.

Are you searching for a premium-grade stunt scooter? Then the Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter can be an excellent choice for you. The scooter is recently released and arrives with incredible outlooks and quality components. It includes a 6061-T6 Aluminum deck with the base cut out to decrease weight and offer smooth performance. It is tough enough to hold the weight of the rider, even during the massive impacts. 

The Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter includes high-quality grip tape in the deck. It ensures that there will be no chance of accidental slip during the stunts. The scooter also consists of a high-density aluminum reaper style bar accompanied by TPR hand grips. Such a combination of features makes it easier for you to control the scooter’s direction as needed. More so, there is an aluminum forged prodigy IHC fork to reduce the impacts during the rides. 

The Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter includes a fully sealed integrated headset. It arrives with 6063 Hollow core wheels and 86A Poly Urethane and ABEC 9 bearings. Such varieties of features ensure smooth rides at different types of terrain.

There are also Nylon front plate and rear inserts as standard to ensure quality performance and ultimate comfort. There is also a two-bolt oversized prodigy clamp, which keeps the handlebar fixed with the scooter in every situation.

What We Liked 

  • Perfect for intermediate and advanced riders.
  • Ensure smooth and fast rides with quality wheels and bearings.
  • High-quality equipment to ensure durability.
  • Well-optimized deck and handle-bar for comfort.
  • Comes as ready assembled.

What We Didn’t Like

  • A little bit costly variant.

Buying Advice: The Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter has a Venom finish, and it is one of the most beautiful scooters on our list. It arrived with high-quality features that ensure smooth and comfortable rides for a long time. It is one of the best stunt scooters for 12 year old in the market for intermediate and advanced riders.

7. Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old

Key Features

  • High-quality 6061-T6 post heat-treated aluminum deck construction.
  • The bar is also made of 6061-T6 post heat-treated aluminum.
  • Quality High-Rebound 88A Polyurethane cast wheels along with spoked Cores.
  • Fast and precise quality chrome steel ABEC 5 bearings for faster speed.
  • Comfortable ribbed grips on the handlebar.

The Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter is another best-selling pro scooter in the market. The scooter arrives with a simplified outlook, but it has fantastic quality equipment to ensure long-term performance. The deck of the scooter is made of post-heat-treated 6061-T6 aluminum. Such a construction makes the scooter extremely strong and can deal with the impacts with strength. 

The Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter’s bar is also made from the same material, 6061-T6 post-heat-treated aluminum. In case you don’t know, the heat treatment doubles the strength of the material. That means both the deck and the handlebar of the scooter are incredibly durable. The scooter includes high rebound 88A PU cast wheels along with spoked cores. The wheels are superior smooth and fast as well as ensure easy rides.

The Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter also includes ABEC5 rating bearings to ensure you faster speed. Note that, the bearings rated more than five are not capable of increasing the speed of the scooter. The product is extremely lightweight, weighing only 7.9 pounds. One of the impressive things about the scooter is it can be ridden by riders of different ages and experience levels. 

What We Liked 

  • Minimalistic design.
  • Durable construction with quality materials.
  • Ensure fast and smooth rides.
  • Heat-treated to ensure two times extra durability.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It may require constant adjustments.
  • It may get scratch easily.

Buying Advice: The Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter may have a minimalistic look but it can ensure a smooth riding experience. With the quality components and optimization, the scooter can be an excellent choice for entry-level pro stunt riders. The scooter is also well-built to ensure long-term performance without any issues. It is also available at an affordable price.

8. Razor Beast Kick Scooter – Pro Scooter for 12 Year Old

Key Features

  • Quality Aircraft-grade aluminum frame construction.
  • Fast and smooth 14 spoke 98mm urethane Metalized wheels.
  • Pro-style stamped rear fender brake made of steel.
  • Soft rubber grips on the handlebar for comfort and secure steering.
  • Triple stacked clamp to strongly hold the frame.
  • CNC style steel fork to absorb the shocks.

Razor is one of the most successful brands of kick scooters. They have been manufacturing quality and affordable scooters for many years. The Razor Beast Kick Scooter is one of the best stunt scooters for beginners from this manufacturer. Like the other scooters from the producer, this one also arrives with quality features to ensure long-term performance. 

The scooter is made from aircraft-grade aluminum materials to ensure long-term performance. It includes a soft rubber grip on the handles that ensure you secure griping as well as comfortable holding for better steering. There is a pro-style stamped steel rear fender brake in this scooter. It will help you to control the speed easily and quickly. There is also a triple-stacked clamp to keep the handlebar secured with the frame.

The Razor Beast Kick Scooter includes CNC Style steel fork that absorbs the impact of the stunts incredibly. More so, there are 14 spoke 98mm urethane wheels that are durable enough to stay as new for a long time.   The wheels are also optimized to ride faster with less effort. To resist slipping, the scooter includes slip-resistant full grip tape on the deck. Overall, it is a perfect piece for anyone who is planning to start pro scooting. 

What We Liked 

  • Available at a reasonable price.
  • Arrives with amazing quality features.
  • It is optimized for the beginner riders.
  • Smooth and fast-rolling durable wheels.
  • Easy to assemble.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some users claimed the scooter make noise while stunts.
  • Paints may get chipped quickly.

Buying Advice: The Razor Kick Scooters are some of the best in the market. They arrive with superior quality and optimizations to ensure you the best experience. The Razor Beast Kick Scooter from the manufacturer is one of the cost-effective products that you can select for a tension-free performance. The Razor Kick Scooters can be a perfect suit for you if you are searching for a branded best stunt scooter for 12 year old.

9. Grit Fluxx Pro Trick and Stunt Scooter For Older Kids

Key Features

  • Grit reinforced riser handlebar with fixed 21.25 height. 
  • Heavy-duty 6061 heat-treated alloy frame construction. 
  • Hi-tensile threaded steel fork that ensures smoother rides.
  • 100mm polyurethane wheels with ABEC 7 bearings. 
  • Grit Flex Fender brake without any rattle for speed control. 
  • Sticky deck surface with 3 degrees of concavity.

The Grit Fluxx Pro Stunt Scooter is one of the top-rated kickscooters that you can select for your kid. The scooter is optimized for an intermediate riders to ensure them a decent riding experience. It arrives in black and green colors, which gives it a very aesthetic visual appearance. It features a grit-reinforced riser handlebar to ensure an appropriate response during the stunt or trick rides. 

The deck of the Grit Fluxx Pro Stunt Scooter is crafted from high-quality military-grade aluminum alloy material. Besides, the other parts are made of 6061 heat-treated alloys. Such construction ensures you decent performance for the long term. It also equips a hi-tensile threaded steel fork that provides topnotch strength without adding any extra weights. The overall weight of the vehicle is only 7.67 pounds, easily carriable anywhere. 

The Grit Fluxx Pro Scooter includes polyurethane wheels with an alloy core. The wheels are 100mm in size and come in a gorgeous color. Besides, they equip ABEC 9 bearings to ensure a smooth ride in various situations. The scooter also includes a Grit Flex Fender brake without any rattle, offering you full control of the speed. 

The handlebar of the scooter includes soft feel grips, which ensure comfortable and fatigue-free rides. Besides, the scooter deck features a sticky surface with 3 degrees of concavity to prevent falls due to high speed. Overall, the Grit Fluxx Pro is a perfect scooter with durable construction that can ensure a smoother ride for your 12 years kid. 

What We Liked

  • Robust construction for long-term performance.
  • Colorful design to make the rides more enjoyable.
  • Ensure smooth rides with optimized wheels. 
  • Prevent accidents with quality brake and sticky deck.
  • Suitable for commuting, tricks, and stunts. 

What We Didn’t Like

  • The bars may not suit taller riders. 
  • A little heavy for the size. 

Buyers Guide and Tips to Choosing Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Kids

The stunt scooters must be top-notch in quality as they will require dealing with substantial impacts and shocks. More so, if the scooter isn’t comfortable, the rider will find it hard to perform the stunts. That is why it is essential to select the right stunt scooter from the available choices.

You can easily pick the right stunt scooter by evaluating some of its aspects. Below, we will discuss some of the essential features and elements that should be checked while purchasing a stunt scooter:


The stunt scooters must be super-tough in construction. That is why it is imperative to verify the material used in the creation of the scooter. Generally, either aluminum or steel is used for the frame of such scooters.

It doesn’t matter which material is used in the construction; the scooter must be able to carry the riders and deal with the falls efficiently. So, before picking up a scooter, make sure that it is made of high-grade material to ensure toughness.

Rider’s Experience

Riding experience also matters when it comes to the stunt scooter. That is because different variants or models of the scooter are optimized for different experience levels. If the rider is new to stunt riding, then you can go for any beginner-friendly pro scooter. There are scooters for intermediate and advanced riders; the scooter is optimized differently.


The fork is one of the crucial parts of a pro scooter. Usually attached to the bar of the scooter, it can help to reduce the impacts from the jumps by absorbing the shocks. There can be two types of forks, which included threaded and threadless. Generally, the threadless fork is considered as better as it can offer you maximum performance and strength during a ride.


The handlebar or simply “Bar” is another essential thing to consider while selecting a scooter. Notably, the size of the handlebar needs to suit your height so that you can ride the scooter comfortably.

Scooter handlebars can arrive at different dimensions, types, and styles. It is up to you to decide the right variants for you. The standard diameter of the scooter handlebar is 1 and ¼ inches. There is also some oversized handlebar which diameter varies around 1 and 3/8 inches.


The deck of the stunt scooter is the central part of the vehicle, and the other equipment is somehow connected with it. That is why the deck of the scooter should be made of high-quality materials. There are also different sizes, lengths, and widths of the decks in the market.

You should select the deck based on your priority. One thing about the deck is you should go for the one which is fully covered by grip tape to make it slip-resistant.


The wheels of the pro scooter are a little bit different when compared with the standard kick scooters. They usually need to be super-tough as the wheels come to the first contact with the ground after a stunt or jump.

Generally, the stunt scooter’s wheels are smaller in size and strong enough to absorb heavy impacts. The wheels also need to include quality bearings to ensure smooth rolling and faster speed.

Size and ages

The wrong sizes of the scooter can never offer you the comfort you deserve. More so, these scooters are also un-adjustable. So it is vital to select the right size of the scooter based on your height. The scooter also needs to be capable of carrying your weight. While choosing the scooter, check out its specifications for the age rating and weight-bearing capacity.

Price and affordability

The cost of the stunt scooters varies on a large scale depending on the included features and quality. Generally, a beginner pro scooter with minimal features and optimizations can be purchased at around $50. The price can go up to $250 depending on the quality and features.

If you are new the stunt scooters, then you should go for a beginner scooter. You can always upgrade to a better one as you gain experience.

Grip tape

As we said earlier, the deck of the scooter should include adequate grip tape. It not only beautifies the appearance of the scooter but also gives you slip-free space to keep your legs. The grip tapes of the scooter are generally made of rubber, and they can ensure that you will not slip from the scooter with extreme speed.

The scooter should also include a comfortable and secure grip on the handlebar so that the rider can easily control the directions and steering.


The pro scooters also include the same types of the brake as the standard kick scooters. The brake is situated on the rear wheels, and you will require using your leg for operating the brake. Try to go for a scooter that can produce enough braking power to stop the scooter immediately and securely.

The brake should also be easily accessible with less effort so that you can use it whenever necessary.

Weight and portability

The pro scooter needs to be lightweight and robust at the same time. That is because it will be hard for you to perform stunts with a heavy scooter. You can only perform the trick with perfection when handling the scooter will be easy. Note that these scooters are not foldable. That means you will not be able to remove or fold the handle for easier transportation storage.

If you think the given information is not enough for you, then you can check out our detailed and in-depth buying guide on the scooter. There, we briefly discussed all the things that you must evaluate while selecting a scooter

Safety Tips for Riding Stunt Scooters

The stunt scooters are riskier when compared with the usual kick scooter. So it is essential to be acknowledged of the safety precautions before start riding the scooter. It is better to check the tire pressure for more security. Here are some safety points that you should implement if you are new about on the line:

  • If you have no prior experience with the scooter, then you should start by learning how to ride the scooter first. Then as you gather experience and skill, you can move to stunt riding.
  • Always check the scooter before every ride. Check different equipment for the defect or loosen nuts. Never ride a scooter that is worn out or damaged as they can cause severe injuries.
  • Never scoot on the road with the other speedy vehicles. It increases the risk of injuries. The bigger vehicles like bus, truck, lorries can be disturbed by your slow speed.
  • Be assured about the pedestrian and other peoples on the pavement. Collision with the other riders can also cause serious injuries.
  • Never tries to stunt in the neighborhood, roadside, footpath, and other areas expect the skate park. Most of the scooter-related injuries are happened because of riding in the wrong space.

FAQs about Stunt Scooters for 12 Year Kids

While selecting a stunt scooter, some thoughts may arrive in your mind. Below, we will try to answer some related queries.

What’s The Difference Between A Stunt Scooter And A Normal Scooter?

The stunt scooters are made for doing tricks and stunts when the usual or standard scooters are made for cruising around the streets, neighborhood, and playground. Stunts scooters generally include different steel spiked wheels, T-bar, and expensive components. The standard kick scooters are lightweight and foldable, and cheaper when compared to stunt scooters.

Which type of stunt scooter is suitable to buy?

Go for a scooter that is particularly designed for performing tricks or stunts. Besides, the suitable scooter is the one that arrives in the right size to assure comfortable performance. 

Which pro stunt scooter brand is best for your kids?

There are many well-recognized brands that currently manufacture quality and reliable pro scooters. Some of the brands are Razor, Fuzion, Phoenix Force, Envy, Lucky, Chilli Reaper, etc. 

Where you can ride a stunt scooter?

The best place to ride your stunt scooter is in the skatepark. You may also choose other places to ride the vehicle. However, make sure that the place is free from traffic and the terrain is decent for a smooth ride. 

What is the best stunt scooter for 12 year old? 

The above-discussed stunt scooters are some of the best choices for 12 years old. They arrive with sturdy construction and in the right size with the right optimizations to easily accommodate the rider of this age. 

Final Words

After reading the reviews of the best stunt scooter for 12 years old, now it should be easier for you to select a suitable variation for the kid. The mentioned scooter in the list are made from quality materials and adequately optimized to ensure durable and smooth performance.

More so, we bring out the scooters from the different price ranges. So, it doesn’t matter what’s your preference or budget is, you should find a suitable scooter from the list.