Razor Scooter Parts & Accessories

By Abdul Kader

Before using the Razor scooter, you should know about the accessories of the scooter. You have to ensure the availability of the parts and accessories and their functions. If you know the parts of the scooter, you can effortlessly identify any problem with your Razor scooter’s performance. That’s why you should learn about the Razor scooter parts.

Here, I would like to tell you about the Razor scooter accessories, which you’ll find easily by searching kick scooter replacement parts. You’ll find a little more description of the main components and their use in the Razor scooter. Besides, I’ll give you a short note on some additional parts o the razor scooter. Finally, before concluding, I will answer several common questions about the pro scooter accessories. So, stay tuned with me.

Top 10 Razor Scooter Parts and Accessories

As you’ve already known, the Razor scooter has many parts. Among them, I would like to narrate briefly only the main parts and accessories.

Razor Scooter Wheels

Are you in search of Razor replacement wheels or stunt scooter wheels? Here the Razor scooter wheels along with bearings bring the solution for you. This package comes with 2 kick scooter wheels, which are 98 mm high-grade urethane made. The Razor wheels allow choosing from 6 different colors.

USE: To run the Razor Scooter and well-suited with the scooters: A, A2 A4, A Sweet Pea, and Spark 2.0.

Razor Scooter Battery

The Razor Beiter DC power Battery is among the essential razor scooter parts e100. The battery is sealed with lead-acid and has 12 Volt 5 Amp, which offers 20 hours run time. It absorbs a variety of temperatures with the help of Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology.

USE: To power up the electric scooter’s motor.

Razor Scooter Motor

The motor is the most important among the electric scooter accessories. The 200-Watt chain drive motor is compatible with Razor E200 versions 5+, E200S, E225, E275, RX200, etc. The 24-Volt DC Brush Motor is capable of rotation in both anti-clockwise and clockwise directions.

USE: Ideal for variable or fixed speed of electric scooters.

Razor Control Module

The Razor Control Module is entirely Razor factory-made and a replacement for the 24 Volt control module, which has 7 connectors and 4 pin throttle connectors. This control module is well-suited with Razor E100-E125 Versions 10 and above, E150 versions 1 and above, and E175 version 18 and up.

USE: It helps to ignition the Razor electric scooter.

Razor Scooter Tire

If your old tire has 200 x 50 mm or 8 x 2-inch markings on it, you can replace that with this Razor scooter solid no flats tire. This tire fits well on several razor’s electric scooters.

USE: Tire uses to protect the wheel from the rough surface and ensuring a smooth trip.

Razor Inner Tube

The Razor Inner Tube 3.00-4 has a 10-inch diameter, and the 260x85mm tube is made of tough quality rubber, which offers extended reliability for your Razor electric scooter.

USE: Inner tube bongs to the inner portion of a tire.

Razor Chain Tensioner

If your spring tensioner on the original chain guide broke, you could replace it with Razor E300 Scooter Chain Tensioner (V36+). It works with Razor E300, E300S, E325, and E325S, etc. the tensioner has a dimension of 3.1 x 0.6 x 0.3 inches, and its weight is 1.6 ounces.

USE: Chain tensioner helps to gain the ideal tension for the chain.

Razor Handlebars

This handlebar is the perfect replacement for Razor Ultra Pro series scooter accessories. The handlebar is made of 4130 CroMoly steel construction. It has a height of 21 inches, a width of 18 inches, and the outer diameter is 1.25 inches.

USE: Handlebars are for handling the scooter.

Razor Wheel Assembly

Please ensure you have the correct versions of the scooter as the wheel assembly works on Razor E200, E200S, E225 scooters. Tre size has to be 200 x 55 mm.

USE: Wheel assembly helps to fix the old worn-out tire.

Furthermore, the Razor scooter has some additional parts which are mostly work on to help the main parts. The additional parts are-

  • Razor valve extender
  • Razor shock absorber
  • Razor Electrical Kit
  • Razor Wheel Bearings
  • Razor Scooter Clamps
  • Razor Scooter Chain and Chainguard 
  • Razor Scooter Deck and Deck Screws

Now, I’ll give you a short description of the additional parts.

Razor Valve Extender: The Razor valve extender is for E-series scooters; also, you can use it to extend any standard scooter tire valve.

Razor Shock Absorber: Shock absorber helps to remove shock during riding.

Razor electrical kit: This electrical kit is for only Razor scooters and is non-returnable.

Razor Wheel Bearings: Wheel bearings are for ensuring smooth revolve of the wheels.

Razor Scooter Clamps: It gives triple strength and durability.

Razor Scooter Chain and Chainguard: The chain is for electric scooters, and the chainguard protects your hand and foot, getting caught from the chain.

Razor Scooter Deck and Deck Screws: you can change your deck if it gets old and slippery. For attaching the deck, you’ll need screws.

FAQs About Razor Scooter

How do I know which Razor scooter I have?

You can quickly determine which razor scooter you have by 8-digit bar code ID. You can find the barcode Razor scooter parts, including battery covers, charger, at the bottom of the frame, etc. The 7th and 8th digit indicates the version of your razor scooter.

Are Razor scooters for adults?

yes, if you have Razor electric scooter. Razor makes scooters for kids, young teens, and adults. But adults should use the electric scooters as it has the strength and durability to carry an adult.

Final Note

Therefore, I’ve talked about the Razor scooter parts and additional accessories. Razor electric scooter is considered among the best scooters we have. The benefits of knowing the razor kick scooter parts are to understand your scooter better. You don’t have to go near a scooter mechanics or showroom to fix any problem.

Now you know the parts, and if you do some quick scooter accessories online tutorials, you’ll be able to fix any issue easily. Besides, it is essential to know the model of your scooter. Without a model, you can not buy any parts with confidence. Do not forget to do regular cleaning and maintenance of the scooter.