Wonder View Kick Scooter Review (Spec, Pros, Cons & Features)

By Abdul Kader

Do you want your children to build confidence and develop riding skills from the age of 3? If yes, then you definitely need to get your child the Wonder View Kick Scooter. You will love how amazing the features of this kids scooter are and how it serves only to improve your child’s riding experience and boosts confidence. To enlighten you about all the goodness that this scooter contains we came up with this Wonder view kick scooter review.

Why Best Wonder View Kick Scooter

The versatile features of the Wonder view kick scooter have made it one of your favorites. The scooter is quite hassle-free and easy to store after use. Your kid can have a smooth ride for its PU wheels. The 5.3-inch deck gives you the chance of longer flights. Once you have bought it, it can serve you for years. The robustness of the scooter comes from the aluminum alloy pipe and stainless-steel base frame.

WV Specifications

  • Brand: WV Wonder View
  • Color: Purple
  • Handlebar Type: Adjustable
  • Number of Wheels: 3
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Brake Style: Fender
  • Age Range: Little Kid
  • Warranty Type: Limited

Wonder View Kick Scooter Review

Are you looking for a kick scooter that is appropriate for kids aged 3-13 years? The wonder view kick scooter should come to your mind first. The four adjustments for height is making the scooter efficient to use. There are four PU LED wheels that make the scooter capable of riding on different terrains.

The wonder view can carry up to 154 lbs of weight. The scooter has two rear wheels and an ABEC-7 bearing. So, good balance and stability are there in the time of riding. Again, you can stow the scooter anywhere for its foldable design. Now, let’s check out more spectacular aspects to have a clear vision of the scooter.

High in Terms of Quality

Scooters are not something that you can easily afford to buy every month if the previous one gets damaged. Hence, to make sure that this scooter keeps you satisfied with its longevity the scooter is made out of durable material. It consists of an aluminum alloy pipe and as well as the other parts are constructed using stainless steel.

Stable Design

Our kids must experience new things but stay safe. Keeping that in mind the scooter is three-wheeled. It has a triangular design to ensure stability and a safe ride for children.

Large age Range 

This scooter is suitable for use by children that are of age 3 to 13 years. Yes, you heard it right! That has been made possible since the height of the scooter can be adjusted into 4 sizes. This allows children to feel convenience while they ride the scooter.

The weight capacity of the scooter is 154 lbs. That is definitely a large capacity. Children between ages 10 to 14 years will not feel uncomfortable while riding the scooter due to the wide deck. The deck is 5.3 inches in width allowing kids to feel comfortable while placing their feet on the scooter.

Wheels that Light-up

Your child will love this scooter if it is given as a birthday gift. That is because the wheels have attractive LEDs embedded in the PU wheels. Your child will find looking at the wheels a fun activity. They will want to show off their scooter and brag about it. The flashing lights also make scooter riding safe during the night.

Easy Stopping System

Your child will not find stopping their ride a very tough job. That is because the scooter consists of rear wheels that are covered by a touch fender brake. Whenever they try to stop they will not struggle about it.

Improves Riding Skills

This scooter will be the teacher of your child to help them learn about balancing and steering. We all know that these two things are essential to know about if you want your child to have good riding skills. Your child will get to learn how they have to lean while turning the scooter. They will get to know how they need to balance themselves when they are going to stop.

Easily Portable

The scooter can be carried to various travel destinations since it is foldable and lightweight to carry. You can store it as well since it is not huge in size.

Buying Guide

To make sure that you are buying the correct wonder view kick scooter, look for all the features in it that we have listed above. And mainly check if the scooter arrived with the warranty or not from the manufacturer. You will find the scooter in the online store. There are other things that you need to look for before buying. Have a look at our buying guide to get to know all the details.

Maintenance Tips

If you want to prolong the life span of your Wonder view kick scooter, you should know how to maintain a scooter –

  • Clean your scooter once a week with a soft damp cloth.
  • Check the pressure of the tires.
  • Keep your battery charged.
  • Check the chain or bolts.

Alternative Product

You could have some constraints in your budget or may face some issues buying the particular wonder view kick scooter. Here we give you an alternative to this scooter.


To sum up, after going through the in-depth wonder view kick scooter review, you surely do think that it will be a great thing to buy for your child. Just make sure that you buy the safety things like the helmet and knee caps for keeping your child protected from getting injured. Even if the scooter does not require assembly, check that all the screws are tight before your kid uses it.