What Size Scooter Do I Need For A Child

By Abdul Kader

Scooter is one of the most favorite toys for kids of all ages. Apart from giving the kids immense fun, it can also offer incredible physical activity. Generally, kids love to stick with the scooter for hours after hours. But they will lose interest in the toy if they find it hard to ride or not comfortable. The size of the scooter is one of the main factors that define whether the scooter will be comfortable or not. That is why it is extremely crucial to select the right size of the scooter to ensure comfort and reliable performance.

So what size scooter do I need for a child? Typically, the proper size of the scooter varies depending on the child. Keep reading this article to know briefly about this topic.

Scooter Size Measurement for the Child

Scooter markets are currently flooded with thousands of models from different manufacturers. They arrive in various sizes, shapes, colors, and features. You must pick the right size of the scooter to make sure the safety of the kid as well as the comfort of riding. When it comes to scooter size, there are two main measurements that you will need to consider the handlebar and deck size is. Check out the detailed information of these measurements from below.

Size of the Handlebar

2-5 Years old95 cm – 112 cm
5-7 years old112 cm – 126 cm
7-9 years old126 cm – 138 cm
9-12 years old138 cm – 147 cm

The size of the scooter handlebar is an essential thing that you need to consider. It is mainly responsible for offering the proper balance and adaptability to the kid. For three to five years kids, the height of the kid varies from 95 cm to 112 cm. The recommended height of the scooter is under 70 cm. The height of the five years to seven-year kids varies around 112 cm to 126 cm, and the recommended height of the handlebar should be approximately 65 to 79 cm.

For those who are seven to nine years old and 126 cm to 138 cm in height, the recommended handlebar size is 75 cm to 80 cm. An easy way to be assured about the handlebar size is by standing beside the scooter. The handlebar should be around the chest of the kid for a better fit.

Size of the Deck

The size of the deck is also very crucial to consider while selecting a scooter. The deck is where the child will stand while riding the scooter. It will carry the entire bodyweight of the rider during the ride. The comfort and adaptability of the rider also depend on the deck size. So, the deck size shouldn’t be taken lightly. Generally, the deck should be broad enough so that the kid can place both of the legs on the scooter.

Usually, the deck of the scooter varies from 4 inches to 4.5 inches. The length of the scooter is approximately 19 inches to 21 inches. Typically, this size is for the grown child riders. For the smaller kids, the size will be smaller.

Size of the Wheels

The size of the scooter wheels also plays a vital role in the comfort and ease of riding. Generally, the bigger the scooter wheel, the better the stability will be. Stability is essential for beginner child riders. The bigger wheels of the scooter also ensure smooth rides in uneven terrains. However, one issue about the bigger wheels is they can make the scooter combatively hard to control. So, select the right size of the wheel depending on the rider’s age and experience.

Other Things to Consider For Better Fit

Apart from the size of the deck, wheel, and handlebar, there are some other things that you should check thoroughly for a better fit. Such as, you should go for a scooter that arrives with an adjustable handlebar. It can ensure that the handlebar can be adjusted as the kids grow. You should also consider the handlebar design. The scooter should arrive with a handlebar design that lets the kid easily control the direction of the scooter.

If you have planned to gift a scooter to your little kid, then you have already made a great decision. The above guidance will assist you in selecting the correct size of the scooter to ensure the proper comfort of the kid. Hopefully, you will find the above instructions helpful.