Razor A6 Scooter Review (Spec, Pros, Cons & Features)

By Abdul Kader

Razor a6 scooter review represents the true spirit of the best tallest razor scooter. Recently, the blade is the over popular brand name for scooting lovers. It is providing all types of scooters for several ages and areas. And razor a6 kick scooter is the best one of their high products.

For me, the razor a6 scooter is a unique and super-strong riding device to enjoy riding as well as nearby traveling and fun games with friends. I have researched a large number of a6 scooter user experiences. Luckily, everybody would love to pick this model the next time.

So, now I am sharing in detail about this scooter similarly, the benefits, and the reasons why it is a worthy choice for the rider. Let’s dig into the article.

Razor A6 Kick Scooter

Razor A6 Specifications

  • Dimension: 16.9 (L) x 42.1 (W) x 39.4 (H) inches
  • Handlebar : Ultra-longer of 42.”
  • Deck : Huge deck size is 13.4.”
  • Weight capability: 220 pounds or 100 kg.
  • Handlebar: Sturdy stainless-steel handlebar with soft rubber grip
  • Product Weight: 12 pounds
  • Color: Black and white combination

Razor A6 Scooter Review

The razor a6 scooter comes in wholly different functional features from the traditional motorcycles. Even though, razor a6 scooter produced for the taller riders. However, the medium-long rider will use it with comfort. If you have analyzed the comparison of Razor a6 vs Razor a5, then you realize the importance of the Razor a6 kick scooter. First of all, it has the tallest handlebar which you won’t find in any other bikes. Secondly, it is more reputed for the adjustable power up to 42” height which is (1067) in mm.

Similarly, it is unique for the extra-long deck for user convenience. Good to know the deck size is 13.4” which is (340) in mm. Apart from that, you will notice its wheel is also an individual from another scooter. As the urethane wheels are ultra-large of 10” which (254) in mm. Wheel frame material is strong and durable with patent pending.

razor a6 lux scooter offering an anti-rattle handlebar which will give you a silent and smooth-riding around with this scooter. Similarly, the handlebar has a folding mechanism. I think the folding system is very crucial for the rider. Because a rider can easily store this scooter due to this folding system, keep in mind that a6 is best suitable for ages eight and up. And it can bear the 220 pounds maximum weight (100) kg. Hence, I would love to say about the beautiful rear-fender brake. It ensures a safe and straightforward brake. The complete measurement of this scooter is 16.9 x 42.1 x 39.4 inches, and the product weight is only 12.52 pounds.

Lastly, I recommend this scooter for taller persons as it is best to fulfill all of your demands. Because I found it the best reliable scooter for quality, safety, and security, you can go with this scooter.

The Most Notable Features Of Razor A6 Scooter

  • Best adjustable scooter for taller riders
  • Sophisticated design and unique functional features
  • Arrives with spacious deck design and extended handlebar help to ride with comfort
  • The anti-rattle handlebar provides the quietest riding
  • Effortless rear-fender stopping power can keep you safe from accident
  • lightweight scooter but comes with a tremendous weight-bearing capacity
  • Comfortable scooter handle and deck grip
  • An appropriate deck distance from the ground save the bike from unnecessary friction
  • Folding mechanism integrated handlebar is suitable for smoother riding.
  • Giant patent-pending wheel with sturdy aluminum frame


  • Smoother deck comfortable for long-time and faster riding
  • No rattle, no-hassle mechanism ensures the silent ride
  • Large wheel, taller handlebar and spacious deck
  • Easier installing, riding and folding.
  • Safest brake system


  • The kickstand is not so much a good performer
  • Not suitable for shorter riders

For Whom Razor A6 Scooter

A6 mainly comes for taller riders. Its handlebar size, deck size, and other function made to think the taller rider convenient. Because most of the casual scooters in the market are not suitable for extra-taller riders. That’s why the razor brand release this supermodel. But luckily, this scooter is ideal for the medium sizes of persons. The only downside is that shorter riders can’t use it properly.

I suggest keeping in your mind that this model is great for games and fun in several areas. Mainly, it can perform for several adventure trips as well as general use like shopping or roaming around your house or road. However, you have to remember that it is not at all suitable for smaller size riders. So, if you are smaller in size, then don’t use this scooter.

Moreover, a6 allows the 10 years younger kids, teens, and adult people. Not good for under 6-year-old child.

Why is Razor a6 Scooter a Worthy Choice?

A6 is a faithful scooter for adult gaming adventure. Most of the customers of this model are thankful to the razor brand for this excellent gift for their fun. Most importantly, this model is loveable to the men and women riders too. But it is essential to know why it is accessible to them.

I am using this with high comfort and Strongly believe that a razor a6 kick scooter for tall riders is an excellent worth for growing person and adults. So, I would love to share with you the specific logic behind choosing this scooter. Here are a few most important factors I have noted out for your convenience.


The razor a6 comes with a unique design than another razor scooter. Its white and silver color handle stand makes it more appealing. Similarly, the black more giant wheel and deck color combination with the white position is looking luxurious.


a6 razor scooter comes with new and updated features like an extra-large handlebar and full deck. Similarly, its more giant wheel and folding mechanism are impressive. Besides, due to the comfortable deck surface, you can ride for a long time.


Because of its unique features, it is worthy too. To better understand, a6 is providing an anti-rattle handle to save from the annoying friction sounds. Then it has instant stopping power. Besides, the large deck will allow a rider to keep their feet together on the floor. Most importantly, this model is perfectly suitable for the tallest person because of its 42 “super length feature. Moreover, you won’t need to hunch your body with this bike.


A6 tallest scooter is providing multiple riding benefits. You can use it for commuting to the nearest super shop or neighbors’ home. At the same time, it is the best choice for roaming around a park and smoother pavements. Luckily, it can go for several adventurer riding. Razor brand makes this model for both men and women. So, you can pick it up for yourself and your nearest one.


If you would like to get an ultra-lightweight scooter with more considerable weight-bearing power, then a6 is perfect. An A6 bike weighed only 12 pounds, but you will wonder that it can bear 220 pounds that mean up to 100kg.


Speaking of power, a6 is an excellent scooter for the tallest men and women. Since it will work best for adults and will have to face a lot of rough and tough terrain or have to suffer damage, that’s why it comes with high-quality construction materials from the producing company razor. Mainly, I would say about the sturdy stand, stable deck, and strong handlebar. You can use it over after years.

Powerful Brake system

Emergency brake controlling is necessary for scooter riding. Fortunately, you don’t need to tense about it because a6 has to give a Rear-fender brake. It will help you to stop the scooter without effort.


The broader deck and the appropriate slightly higher deck position from the basement ensure the best protection for each rider. Luckily the scooter has features of knee riding. Above all, it reduces the possibility of accidents, falling, and tripping. Moreover, this scooter has a unique latch to make the bar height stronger so that the bar handle remaining the right place.

FAQs about Razor Scooter

Which Razor scooter should I buy?

You should buy a razor scooter according to your requirements. Razor brand producing several bikes for different purposes. For example, a razor a5 lux scooter is suitable for the best smoother riding. Then the a3 is the best tricks scooter. After then, a6 scooter is best for the tallest rider. If you want to get such a motorcycle that can cover maximum needs together, then Razor Beast Kick Scooter will work best for you.

Is a scooter faster than walking?

Yes! Scooting is remarkably faster than average walking speed. It is specifically five times faster than walking. For example, the average walking speed is two mph, and the average scooter speed is ten mph. So, it is clear that a scooter is quite faster.

Final Words

Hopefully, this razor a6 scooter review will best efficient to get a scooter for the tallest riders like you. Honestly speaking, it is the only best choice for the tallest adult scooter lover. If you have more to know about this topic, then let me know to update this content.