Razor A3 Kick Scooter Review (Spec, Pros, Cons & Features)

By Abdul Kader

Kick Scooters are popular for their easy process of transporting for both adults and kids. When most of the manufacturers make kick scooters only for kids, the Razor comes out from that shadow. They are manufacturing kick scooters for ages 5 to above and adults. That means a razor A3 kick scooter is also suitable for lifting heavyweight.

The structure of the scooter is sturdy and durable. So, don’t need to get tensed; either the A3 can be compatible with rough road and kid’s use. Another excellent quality of the Razor A3 is all the parts of the scooter are replaceable. That means you don’t need to worry about accidental damage to it, as you can replace the damaged part with the new one.

Here, you are going to get the razor A3 Kick Scooter review and will be happy to see the details about the scooter. I’ll give you a clear idea of its features., advantages and limitations. Moreover, you’ll find the answer to why you should select kick scooter rather than other. Before wrapping up the article, I’ll give you some additional suggestions about the kick scooter. So, stay tuned with me.

Razor A3 Kick Scooter

Key Features

  • T-tube and the deck are made with aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • The springless suspension provides a high shock-absorbing ability.
  • Classic design with three different colors.
  • Folding mechanism ensures less hazard and quickly shut off the bike.
  • The Razor A3 provides a retractable kickstand, which makes it different from others.

Razor A3 Kick Scooter Review

The Razor A3 has a first-class body that is made with high-quality aircraft aluminum. This aluminum is not only providing strength to the structure but also increases the durability of the scooter.

Moreover, you’ll find the A3 is lighter than the other. Besides, the ultra-lightweight aluminum frame needs less maintenance. Red, blue, green are the three different colors offered by the manufacturer. Thus, it has been considered one of the best razor scooters.

The Razor A3 provides two bigger wheels for making the ride swift and bumps-free. Also, the bigger wheel helps to develop the speed comfortably and quickly. Although a bigger wheel offers more shock absorption, thus, kids can run the scooter type of road. Furthermore, kids like to do more tricks and skills with a scooter. It offers high acceleration with control. Now the question can come, how does it provide much control? Only the razor scooter for kids increases its wheels size than the Razor A2 scooter.

Now comes to terms with its folding method. The folding method of a kick scooter should be quick and easy. That’s what Razor A3 is providing. As you can fold the scooter easily, you can carry it with you without any hesitation. Even you can easily take the scooter into the car.

For earning a responsive ride, you have to dominate over the scooter. That means your control over the A3 should be exquisite. The rear fender brake of a razor scooter for kids do the job done for you. A better break will give you much confidence during riding. Moreover, the handlebar is adjustable so that you can adjust it according to your comfort.

The dimension of the A3 kick scooter is 30 x 13 x 35.5 inches and weighs 7.02 pounds. It provides 125mm urethane wheels with ABEC-5 high-speed bearings. This folded bike is capable of carrying up to 143 lbs.

Why We Liked

  • The structure and material are strong and durable.
  • Adjustable handlebar. You can also disassemble the handlebar easily.
  • It has very lightweight and can carry more substantial weight than others.
  • The kick scooter is suitable for five years of kids to above. That’s why it is ideal for toddlers, kids, children even for adults.
  • The suspension is capable of handling shock smoothly, and you can fold down the bike in no time.

Why We Didn’t Like

  • s are not long-lasting.
  • The Hands slips out from the grip quite often.

Why you should Select Razor A3 Kick Scooter

As I am telling you about the razor a3 kick scooter review, it is my duty to benefits from using the kick scooter. You can confuse if you see the other scooters, sometimes it can be hard to differentiate or find the advantages you may get from the Razor A3.


Portability means how much transportable the scooter is. The bike offers the classic handlebar, which is adjustable plus you can disassemble it easily. Disassembling the handlebar for the scooter is important for making it portable. As the scooter is easily foldable, which you’ve known earlier, you can take it with you without riding on it anywhere you want. Besides, it has a lightweight and takes less area after folding it down.

Weight and stability

If you want to buy a razor scooter for young kids, you should ensure a lightweight and stable one. By searching the razor light-up scooter, you’ll see the razor A3 is one of the lightest. It offers lightweight as well as bigger wheels with an adjustable handlebar. Those ensure the stability of the scooter.

Sturdy design

The Razor A3 Kick Scooter offers a robust, durable, and lightweight aluminum frame. Aluminum always helps to make things strong and durable. As scooter needs a healthy body because it uses kids mostly, they won’t show any care for the scooter. Naturally, children use anything carelessly. Thus, a sturdy can make the scooter long-lasting.

Wheels size

If you see the razor pro scooter, you will be disappointed that they have smaller wheels. Yes, the modes are different, but everyone should ensure comfortability first. Though smaller wheels give you much speed but a less shock-absorbing system. If the scooters don’t provide any suspension, then you should look for a bigger wheel. Also, a bigger wheel will give you more control and less vibration. The Razor A3 has that bigger wheel.

Positive Reviews from Customers

By judging the reviews, you can understand the usability of the product. If your camper the positive reviews on Amazon, you’ll see A3 as an improvement to the A2. Also, the amount of 5-star rating in A3 is near 83%, and the amount of 1-2-star rating is less than 4%. It indicates that A3 is a good kick scooter. Also, from the razor A3 Kick Scooter review, you’ll understand why Razor A3 has a huge impact on online stores.

Age compatibility

The Razor A3 scooter is recommended for six years to above children. Why doesn’t it give a specific range of age? Because it provides a specific range of weight. That means above six years who have less than 144 pounds weight can ride on it fearlessly. That’s why the manufacturer ensures it has age compatibility.

Additional Tips

Additional tips are like the suggestion which can save you from any accident happen or anything bad to you or your scooter.

  • Do not try to carry overload on the kick scooter. It can cause severe damage to your scooter performance in the future.
  • Give your toddler protection on knee and elbow as a beginner rider.
  • Kids should use a helmet.
  • Do not ride on the kicks scooter with a barefoot or rinse foot. The foot can slip out from the deck at any time.

FAQ about Razor A3 Kick Scooter

Is it secure to ride adults on the Razor scooter?

Razor offers many types of kick scooters. For Razor A2 and A3, it is safe to ride toddlers, kids, and children on it. Anyone less than 144 pounds can ride on it. For electric razor scooters, children older than 13 years could ride on them. Also, Razor manufactures kick scooters for only adults. Those can lift much of Havier’s weight.

What are the differences between Razor A2 and Razor A3 scooters?

It is quite challenging to differentiate between these two for an inexperienced person. The A2 kick scooter is made with aircraft quality aluminum with red highlights, and A3 is also made with aircraft-grade aluminum without red highlights. The A2 has 98mm inline-style urethane wheels along with the springless shock-absorbing system, and the A3 has 125mm inline-style urethane wheels with a springless shock enduring system. At least, there have $20 differences between their price.

How to lock a kick scooter?

Locking a kick scooter is not a hard task. All you have to do is to manage a locking cable and find a low stationary thing like railing, pole, etc. move the scooter close to the stationary thing and pass the lock cable through the spokes of the front wheel and then seal the lock with the stationary thing.

Final Note

Although I’ve discussed the latest Razor A3 kick scooter, which is functionally sound, the big wheels scooter gives a less shocking ride and stability. Also, it can able to handle heavyweight. Kick scooters can use in a particular situation or regular life. It will give you much relaxation in the open air and good exercise. But the Razor A3 is the most exquisite invention in A-series but costs more than Razor A2. For experiencing better scooters, you have to pay a little more. But the great thing is all the parts are replaceable on Razor A3.