Is A Scooter Good For Commuting?

By Abdul Kader

While commuting (literally travelling from home to work), most of the individuals don’t prefer the available mediums of transportation, as they are mostly stuck in traffic jams. As a result, two-wheelers are becoming much popular due to their ease of use, flexibility, and cost-effectivity.

Though most people use a bicycle, scooters are also becoming a popular choice as a two-wheeler. So, is a scooter good for commuting? Let’s find it out.

Why Is A Scooter Good For Commuting

Both kick-scooter and e-scooter offer you a range of benefits. We described some of the benefits of the scooter below:


Scooters never require fuels like octane or CNG. That means they don’t produce any carbon-di-oxide like the other vehicles on the road. More so, they operate quietly without causing any sound pollution.  When compared with the other medium of transportation based on eco-friendliness, the scooter will surely be at the top of the list.

Smaller Size

Scooters are extremely compact in dimension. Such a small size helps you a lot to travel faster to your workplace. In most cities of the world, transports like buses, cars, bikes, etc. move slowly due to the massive number of traffics. As the scooter arrives in a smaller size, you can easily beat the stuck traffic to reach your destination at a faster speed.


As the scooters are small in both size and weight, they can be easily stored in the corner of your office and home. Besides, most of the scooters are foldable, letting you make the vehicle much smaller while storing. More so, the adult kick-scooters usually weigh around 5 to 8kgs, which means you can easily carry them anywhere if required.

Good for health

In this era of automated technology, there is only a little you can do to keep yourself fit. The kick scooters offer you low-impact physical exercise, which can be a great way to keep your shape upright. A kick scooter can burn up to 200kcal on every 30 minutes ride. It can be an effective way of exercise for those who don’t have enough time for workouts. You can read how to ride a scooter to be physically fit. And you can also see the guide on how reliable the electric scooter is.


An average scooter will cost you less than your transportation cost of one month. As it doesn’t require any fuel, there is no related consumption. Moreover, the scooter rarely requires any maintenance. When compared with the other vehicles, the scooter is the most cost-effective way of transportation.

Should you choose a Scooter for Commuting

In the above, we mentioned various benefits of a scooter as a medium of commuting. However, before choosing a scooter for commute, you should consider some factors. Such as the distance you will need to commute every day.

Note that, a kick scooter will not be a perfect choice for a distance of more than three kilometres. However, if you own an e-scooter, then you may travel a long distance depending on the range of the scooter. Most of the electric scooters will allow you to travel up to 15 to 25 kilometres on every full charge.

More so, if you have issues with legs or knees, then the kick scooter may not be a perfect choice as it puts significant impacts on your lower body. In such situations, the electric scooter will be a suitable choice. 

Another thing to consider is the path of driving. If the roads of commuting are smooth and flat, then you can easily use a scooter. However, for bumpy and rugged roads, the scooter will not be the right choice. In such ways, a bicycle will be a better pick if you prefer two-wheelers.

There are different variations of the scooter in the market. You should choose the one that is designed for commuting. Also, check the weight limit of the scooter before buying it to be assured whether it can accommodate you or not. One thing you can do is to search online to acknowledge which scooter will suit you the most. There are categorized scooter lists for teenagers to adults to make it easier for you to find the scooter.

The increasing number of scooters on the roads is proof of their effectiveness and popularity. If you are concerned about your health as well as the environment, then you should seriously consider using a scooter.