How To Make A Mobility Scooter Go Faster

By Abdul Kader

Mobility scooters are a great way for people with mobility issues to get around independently. However, the speed of a mobility scooter can sometimes be a limiting factor. If you find yourself wishing your mobility scooter was faster, you must know how to make a mobility scooter go faster.

One way to speed-up a mobility scooter is to upgrade the battery. A higher-powered battery will ensure your scooter runs faster. You can also try upgrading the motor. A more powerful motor will also help your scooter go faster. Moreover, you can remove any unnecessary weight from the scooter, such as baskets or bags. You can also try adjusting the tire pressure. Higher tire pressure will make the scooter more aerodynamic, which will help it go faster.

In this article, we will discuss in more detail the different ways to make a mobility scooter faster. We will also provide tips on how to choose the right upgrades for your scooter and how to make sure that the upgrades are safe and legal. If you want to safely increase your mobility scooter speed, continue reading our tips and tricks.

3 Common Ways to How To Make A Mobility Scooter Go Faster

Mobility scooter usually arrives with a limited speed. But you can make the scooter go faster quite easily. If you want to enjoy a better speed from the mobility scooter, then check out the below tips. We will acknowledge three of the amazing tips that will help you to improve the speed of the scooter significantly.

1. Add a Powerful Battery

Usually, increasing the battery power may help you to increase the speed of your mobility scooter. That is because the electronic components work faster as it gets much power. As you increase the battery power, you will notice better performance. You can simply do this by replacing the battery with a powerful one.

You can also add an extra battery to the scooter if possible. However, it may not increase the speed. Though, it allows you to max the speed of the scooter for a longer period of time. If your scooter includes a speed limiter, then you must remove it to see the changes in the speed.

2. Rewinding the Motor

The motor of the mobility scooter includes a complex mechanism. You can rewind the coil of a brushed motor to increase its speed. The speed will increase as you will decrease the windings that happen per coil. As a result, you will get additional revolutions per minute with less torque.

We will recommend you to be extra careful while doing this. As it is a highly complex and advanced process, it may cause an impact on the motor. The whole process needs to be highly efficient. Else, you may end up damaging the whole mechanism.

3. Remove Speed Limiter

The mobility scooters are usually equipped with a powerful motor. However, due to mobility reasons as well as the laws, the speed of the mobility scooter is limited, and it cannot go faster. As a result, the manufacturer adds a speed limiter to the scooter. You can remove the speed limiter if you want. However, it is quite impossible to remove if you don’t have technical knowledge. You may get help from a technician to do this.

Another thing to remember is, as soon as you remove the speed limiter, it will start draining your battery faster. Moreover, you will lose the warranty as you modify the composition of the product.

Bonus Tips: 4 More Ways to Increase the Speed of Mobility Scooter

Here are some other things that you can try to increase the speed of a mobility scooter:

1. Add an extra battery

To increase the speed of your mobility scooter, you can consider adding an extra battery. Two batteries may offer you a better speed by working together. That’s because the scooter will get more power and voltage to run at a better speed. However, don’t assume that you will get double speed by adding an extra battery. Also, the method may not work without removing the speed limiter. 

2. Change the Tires

Typically, the mobility scooters arrive with air-filled tires like any other vehicle. Employing airless tires on the mobility scooter may help to enhance the speed. The airless tires are designed to reduce friction which may help the mobility scooter to go faster. After equipping the airless tires, you should get a little better speed.

3. Change the sprockets

Changing the sprockets of the mobility scooter may also help to increase the speed. For this, you will require changing the built-in sprockets to the better one. Typically, you should add bigger sprockets on the scooter’s front wheel and smaller ones on the rear. It should increase the mileage of the mobility scooter a bit. 

Changing the sprockets of the mobility scooter can be a little tricky. You simply cannot work it out without any prior experience. So, consider taking help from someone expert for changing and selecting the sprockets. 

4. Reduce weight

Do you often carry baggage on the mobility scooter? Well, it can be a reason behind the slower speed of the device. You can significantly increase the scooter’s speed by getting rid of things like the storage box, spare tires, baskets, or other baggage. With less weight, the motor will work more efficiently to let the vehicle go faster. You may also consider professionally modifying the scooter and enhancing aerodynamic at a better speed. 


The mobility scooter worked as a companion for the physically disable and challenged people to move with ease from one place to another. However, sometimes the low speed becomes a hassle, and the rider loses interest. You can use the above steps to increase the speed of the mobility scooter. If you are going to use these steps to increase the speed of your scooter, we will advise you to be cautious. You can lose all types of warranty after modifying the features of the mobility scooter.