History of Scooter – Who Invented Scooter, When & Where

By Abdul Kader

Are you looking for the history of Scooter? Or else, are you perplexing to a few pointed curiosities: how people were thinking of riding a motor scooter gradually, who invented the scooter and when and where was the first scooter invented? Here, we will get a brief discussion on the core nibs of scooters.  

For the people who are going to decide to procure a scooter, this corresponding assertion will much help them. And if you grip into your mind to lay hold on details about the whole saga of scooters or motor scooters, then you are on a flawless route at this moment. Before going into depth, let’s see a concise discussion on what is Scooter and what the type of scooter is.

What is Scooter

A scooter is one kind of vehicle that is used for riding with fun to travel in short distances or sometimes long distances in cities or urban areas. It has a very good style that is made of two-wheeled motor vehicles traditionally. The structure is constructed based on some particular patterned characteristics that include step-through frames, wheels, and an engine enclosed below the rider and near to the rear.

A long steering handle is adjusted that helps move forward by propelling through foot resting on a floorboard and pushing the other against the ground.

Type of Scooter

There are various types of scooters in the market currently. Before having development in the Scooty industry people used to ride only a few categorized scooters. So, it was easy to select the desired scooter for commuting. But, the time has changed and so many scooters are available there. Here, we are listing below few types of scooters to make your sense stronger about the ownership of your scooter. There are basically three types of scooters: Electric Scooters and Gas Scooters, Kick Scooter.

Electric Scooter: This is one of the most popular scooters of all. It has the broadest product line of scooters.  It’s easy to use electric scooters and also very eco-friendly. During starting it doesn’t need any warm-up time and handling fuel is also not necessary as well. Electric Scooter is also divided into three categories. Those are Electric kick scooters, Self-Balancing Electric Scooters, Electric Mopeds. These types also have different sub-categories and models.

Gas Scooter: Gas Scooters are more enjoyable to those who look for fast-moving transportation. It has a larger carrying capacity also movable in a wider range of areas than electric scooters. It’s more convenient to use since the gas can be filled from your local gas station. Now, various models of gas scooters are introduced to the market by many renowned brands.

Kick Scooter: Kick scooter is very special for its pretty feature. It doesn’t have a ton of safety gears like gas scooters or electric scooters that makes scooters heavier. It’s light to carry and so you can go with this as fast as you can kick. Several types of Kick Scooters are there such as Three Wheel Scooter, Stunt Scooter, Foldable Scooter, Dirt Scooter, Flicker Scooter, Space Scooter, Big Wheel Scooter.

Who, When and Where Scooter Invented

You might be surprised by knowing that the innovative idea of creating scooters came from children’s heads. It was in 1817. In Germany, few kids used their recycled wood to make a roller scooter. In this sense, basically, Kids are the inventors of Scooter.  Later, in the United States, scooters had become a needful toy for getting relief from the great depression in the 1900s.

Plank the part we use now in the modern electric scooter was just made of a stick at that time. With going by a new era, a revolution was boomed in the scooter industry when NYC born. The best scooter companies generalized a featured design in a robust frame to invent a steered beam at 45° angled towards the rider.

The Autopen company launched a new patent to formulate the fastest gas scooter. And, the inventor of that pattern was Arthur Hugo Cecil Gibson in 1916. That’s why Arthur Hugo Cecil Gibson is called the inventor of the modern Scooter. Then, people started to utilize gas motor scooters for adults. By this time, The Autoped patented air-cooled tires, 155cc engine, front-wheel, handlebar-lever, steering push mechanism to generate speed up and pulling back micro-scooters.

Between 1915 – 1922, the companies expanded the uses of electric scooters in the United States and Germany, although the business was collapsed by failing for not having widespread adoption. After that during the 1930s, uses of scooters were spreading around military camps, urban areas, besides airport pickups, and smoothly even in Hollywood studios.

Afterward in the 1990s, fashionable scooters were startlingly transfigured by the creation of Razor Scooters. Do you know, who invented the scooter? He was no one but the notable Wim Ouboter. This day the modern foldable g scooter pattern was blueprinted by him. Ouboter devised to launch that pro scooter for making adults’ transportation solutions. But, the popularity of motor scooters spread out in both aged people adults and children.

There are several factors you should consider if you care about the advantages as well as disadvantages of scooters. You may know that every invention has few drawbacks besides its benefits as well. But, the fact is scooters have much more pros than its cons.

Advantages of Scooter

Environment Friendly: Uses of Electric scooters are more well-liked due to environmental impact.

Usability & Durability: The way of commuting a scooter is also very easier. Generally, scooters are more durable than other types of vehicles.

Cost: Scooters are also very much useful if you are thinking about costs. It’s affordable than other transport vehicles.

Speed Rate: Then about speed. Without any doubt, speed rate matters to everyone when traveling to reach a destination. And, scooters have the fastest movable advantage as a user can pass through easily. There are also other advantages of Scooters which are described on our different pages.

Disadvantages of Scooter

Although scooters are more comfortable, mileage, cheaper, still there are few downsides of scooters., Many users don’t follow the rules of using motor scooters and fall into accidental issues because of high speed. But, if one is careful and maintains the proper rules when riding, the problem doesn’t occur. There are some legal barriers to come and go everywhere during riding scooters. But, you can commute freely and frankly in unrestricted areas in your towns or cities.


In Consequence, you might have been reached into a proclivity to buy a fun-loving scooter.  The scooters really look exquisite and adorable for riding, isn’t it? As of now, if you are pondering where can I buy scooters and how much is a scooter, nothing to be worried about it. Because you know that purchasing way has become very easier in today’s digital era. Our team is willing to guide you on how to choose the best scooters. Thank You!