5 Best Wooden Scooters

By Abdul Kader

Toddlers and Kids, irrespective of their age, love riding on scooters and roam around their neighbors. The scooters can be a good replacement for their gym work and good transportation to learn agility, balance, and brakes. However, with many kinds of scooters available in the market, it might be hard for you to find the best wooden scooters quickly.

We understand your problem of choosing the best toddlers wooden scooter out of so many versions, choices, and virtually limitless brands, with each claiming its practical benefits. Here we have reviewed five top-tier wooden scooters for kids of all ages, from toddlers to grown-up kids. We looked into the stability, durability, easiness in riding, pricing, and safety features of these wooden ride-on toys. Also, our review is followed up with a detailed buying guide.

So, parents, let’s get on with this if you want to present your kids with a beautiful kids wooden scooter.

Overall Best: Lil’ Rider Kids Wooden Scooter. “ This is the best retro-style wooden scooter for kids. It comes with great stability, premium design, and adjustability to offer kids a one-of-a-kind riding experience.”

Top 5 Best Wooden Scooters Comparison

Product ImageProduct NameQuick SpecificationPrice
Lil’ Rider Kids Wooden ScooterBrand: Lil’ Rider
Weight: 2.2 pounds
Age Range: Toddler
Check Price
Smoby 7600750700 Wooden ScooterBrand: Smoby
Weight: 50 Kilograms
Age: 5 years and up
Check Price
Galt Toys Tiny Trike Ride-on ToyBrand: Galt
Weight: 2 Kilograms
Age: 1 years and up
Check Price
Champion Sports Wood Scooter BoardBrand: Champion Sports
Weight: 16 Ounces
Age: Kid/Youth
Check Price
Indigo Jamm Wooden Jamm ScootBrand: Indigo Jamm
Weight: 4.12 Kilograms
Age: 1 years and up
Check Price

Top 5 Best Wooden Scooters Reviews

Although there are virtually limitless options for a wooden scooter for the child, you can’t just pick any beginner’s wooden scooter easily. Instead, you need to focus on several points, including design, budget, adjustability, weight, etc.

We took responsibility for you and presented you with a detailed review of the following ride-on wooden toys for both kids and toddlers.

1. Lil’ Rider Wooden Scooter for Kids

Highlighted Features

  • It is a 3-wheeled wooden scooter
  • It is made of premium beech and birch wood
  • The scooter has a beautiful turquoise accented finish
  • At 2.2 pounds, the scooter is pretty lightweight
  • Kids safe scooter with fully sanded manufacturing

Lightweight, stylish and reliable- this 3 wheels wooden scooter has it all. The Birch and Beechwood-crafted scooter come in a beautiful finish. Its turquoise accent instantly gives the scooter a fun look, while fully sanded construction ensures kids’ safety.

The simple scooter has great balance and adjustability with a three-wheeled design. It will help toddlers and children learn about balance, moves, turns, and brakes shortly. Plus, the lightweight design helps in easy transportability and movement.

The push scooter comes with an ergonomic handle too. Hence, toddlers and kids can easily move it in their desired direction for movement. It also increases control over their riding experience. Last but not least, its quality design and premium materials combine with its affordability to make it the best budget wooden scooter on our list.

You will love how this toddlers scooter brings a happy smile to your kids’ faces!


  • Eye-catchy finish and look
  • Pretty affordable pricing
  • Superior balance and movement
  • Ergonomic handlebar for control


  • May not suit aged children

2. Smoby 7600750700 Wooden Fun Scooter for Kids

Highlighted Features

  • The scooter is for kids over 5+ years
  • It withstands up to 50kgs weight at ease
  • Rear wheels have a foot brake for quick stops
  • Sleek and stylish green and grey accented finish
  • Safe non-slip grip on the base and handlebar

The 4wheel wooden scooter comes in a vivid green accent, with the frame featuring a charming grey finish. Hence, kids will love riding on the fun scooter with such a great look. Also, the scooter is capable of holding up to 50kgs weight. So, it suits even bigger kids; a great feature indeed.

The wooden scooter can withstand such immense weight thanks to its sturdy and durable design. Its base is made of real wood. Also, the frame has a strong metal construction. Therefore, it is durable enough to last for a few seasons until your kids grow up and actually use transports.

Its tread has a non-slip feature. So, it offers a nice and firm grip too. On top of it, the scooter comes with a footbrake. So, kids can slow down the scooter when it needs to be for safety rides. Finally, with a quick folding facility, this foldable wooden scooter ensures easy portability and storage. So, it offers one of a kind user experience for kids.


  • Best for grown-up and bigger kids
  • Quick and compact folding
  • Premium safety and adjustability
  • Intuitive steering for cornering


  • It is not for toddlers
  • The scooter is a bit pricy

3. Strider Galt America Galt Tiny Trike Ride-On Toy for Toddlers

Highlighted Features

  • The ride-on toy is made for kids over 12 months old at least
  • It has a safety lock steering for quick and safe navigation
  • The toddler scooter has four wheels for better stability
  • It is made of natural wood and premium plastic materials
  • The scooter meets toy safety standards for the US, UK, Canada, and many more

If you want the best wooden scooter for toddlers, we bet this Strider Galt ride-on toy would be your best option. The wooden scooter is made for children aged 12 months or older. So, this could be an excellent birthday gift for them.

The 4-wheel wooden scooter is made of a solid wood frame with wheels made of plastic. The two front wheels offer better stability. On top of it, the wooden toddler scooter features a steering lock. In addition, it has two handlebars that allow kids to navigate it easily. Plus, the front wheel and steering lock ensure premium safety for the little rider too.

Its wooden frame is highly sturdy and durable. It is made from real wood and has a natural accent that will never go out of the trend. Furthermore, the plastic wheel and handlebars are rugged enough to withstand the toddler’s weight at ease.

The ride-on toy is also pretty reasonably priced. So, you need not break the bank account to get this toddler’s favorite toy.


  • Excellent safety features for kids
  • Good pricing for an ideal gift item
  • Durable design will last for a few years
  • Easy and comfy navigation possible


  • It requires some sorts of assembly

4. Champion Sports 16-Inch Wood Scooter Board

Highlighted Features

  • The wooden scooter base has a 16-inch length and 16-inch width
  • It accommodates four rubber made caster with swiveling facility
  • The seating base is made of premium and heavy-duty wood
  • The wooden board has bumpers in its full perimeter as protection
  • It can be both an item for outdoor and indoor physical activity

Champion Sports made this entirely different scooter board for parents who are most concerned about their kids’ safety. The premium wood-made scooter board will allow your kids to confidently sit on it and move through the house. In addition, it promises to help kids learn motor skills, adjustability, direction change and keeps them physically fit.

At 16” length and width, the scooter board has enough space to accommodate a toddler. Plus, it has bumpers with a full perimeter. So, toddlers won’t fall from it. It means kids can safely ride the wooden scooter board to roam around with confidence.

For easy movement, the board has four rubber casters. These casters are durable. Also, these casters have swiveling facility for comfy movement. The casters are non-marking. Thus, these wheels won’t leave any footprint or scratches on the home floor. It is a great benefit.

Last but not least, the heavy-duty scooter board offers a surprisingly low price. Hence, the low-priced wooden scooter will be a great addition to kids’ gift inventory.


  • Highly compact and durable design
  • Good swiveling for the casters
  • Doesn’t leave any footprints on the floor
  • Easy movement without any concerns


  • The outlook is pretty average

5. Indigo Jamm Wooden Jamm Scoot for Toddlers

Highlighted Features

  • The wooden scooter is recommended for at least 12 months old kids
  • Its 4 casters offer multi-directional movement for kids
  • The stylish retro design attracts kids and also meets home décor
  • Its materials are standard, highly sustainable, and eco-friendly
  • The wooden scooter is made of BPA-free plastic with a wooden base

The fun-looking and attractive wooden scooter will quickly win kids’ hearts. So, you need not worry about whether or not kids will love the scooter. The beginners’ wooden scooter with its vibrant retro look will impress kids and everyone around it.

Its stylish and classic design would also be a great addition to any home décor.  It will surely develop kids’ motor skills, direction changeability, adjustability, and compatibility. Its base is made of premium wood to offer maximum durability. Also, its plastic material is BPA and Teflon-free, which is 100% health safe maintaining US and UK standards.

The recommended age for the wooden scooter is at least 12 months old. Toddlers will also love its free-flowing movement. Thankfully, the wooden scooter comes with 4 casters. These castors are multi-directional with a marking-free design. Thus, it won’t leave any scratches on the floor and surfaces either. It also helps you in maintaining the home décor at ease.


  • Stylish and fun looking design
  • Quick and safe movements
  • Highly durable and compact


  • The toddler’s scoter is expensive

Buying Guide for Best Wooden Scooters

The scooters for kids are made of many different materials with distinctive designs. The wooden scooter is one of its variants. However, even these wooden scooters have various shape, wheel structure, look, durability and adjustability.

Hence, it would help if you looked at a few important factors while purchasing the kids’ scooters.

Weight And Age Limitations

You must realize that not all scooters will be for kids. The scooters come with strict age limitations. Most scooters will have the age restriction labeled in their product packaging. You need to maintain it properly. Some scooters are only for kids over 12 months old. Some scooters will be usable for kids up to 5 years old. Also, these scooters will have strict weight limitations.

Hence, it would be best to look at your kids’ age, height, and weight when you are on the lookout for the best wooden scooter for kids.

Safety Features

The safety of your kids must be the utmost priority for the ride-on toys for your kids. However, you need to understand that there’re no strict rules on the safety features for kids’ scooters. It will depend on many aspects, though.

First off, check the easy movement. The wheels should provide easy multi-directional movement. Also, it needs to be smooth. Next, look at the foot brakes of the scooter. It will help you in safe and emergency stops of the scooter if need be.

Next, look at the handlebar. It should be ergonomic and comfy. It shouldn’t put any pressure on kids’ hands. Lastly, you must net get an e-scooter to kids unless they are 16 years old. After that, the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends it.

Design And Outlook

Since your focus is getting a scooter for kids and toddlers, design and outlook require great attention. If the scooter has a poor appearance, kids may not like it. We recommend you get a retro-styled scooter.

These scooters are available in many designs, colors, and shapes. Try to get one that looks charming and attractive.


The scooters must be durable since you will want them to last at least a couple of years. You need to check the wooden material. Scooters made with real wood and thickened base will last longer. Also, check the plastic material if it has any.

Add-On Features

Scooters these days come with multiple add-on features. For instance, it may include handbrakes, wheel brakes, motors, rotational handlebars, etc. The motor should be silent so that it doesn’t hurt the kid’s ear and audibility.

While purchasing your wooden scooter for kids, check the style and safety features. It should be easy and fun to ride for your loveable kiddo.


The pricing has a less important factor to play in the wooden scooter purchasing. These scooters are mostly affordably priced. For instance, we have reviewed five top wooden scooters on the list, and most of them are affordable. So, you can get let off your thoughts about the pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions for Wooden Scooters

How much are wooden scooters?

Wooden scooters’ price range varies depending on their design, outlook, and add-on features. For example, the range may start at $30, but a scooter will cost up to $150 or more with advanced features.

Are wooden scooters suitable for kids?

Yes, wooden scooters are highly suitable and safe for kids. These scooters are made of premium wood and have a fully sanded design to prevent cuts and scratches on kids’ softer skin.

Are the wooden scooters folded?

The foldable wooden scooters are available, but it depends on the specific model. For instance, Lil’ Rider Kids Wooden Scooter in the list has a foldable design for quick portability.

Can a wooden scooter be made at home?

Yes, it is possible to make your wooden scooter at home. Although the process is tough and time-consuming, you can follow YouTube tutorials to make one at home.


Who doesn’t want to keep their toddlers and kids happy and smiling? A scooter can indeed help parents to keep their beloved kids happy. Also, scooters are a great way to help kids learn mobility, stability, direction change, and roam around with safety.

These are the five best wooden scooters presently available. Thus, you can rely on the reliability, durability, and safety features of these wooden scooters. It should make your kid smiling and also, you can use the scooters as a perfect fit item. Your parenting life will be easy and fun with these stylish and modern scooters as well.