Best Stunt Scooter for Beginners (2024 Reviews & Guide)

By Abdul Kader

As a beginner and a core fan of freestyle scooter stunts, you must need the best stunt scooter for beginners. This scooting fever goes wrong without a perfect choice of stunt scooter.

Since you’re a beginner, you’ve come to the right page because we’ve included the ins and outs regarding stunt scooters here. Don’t miss any section while going through the guide.

In this guide, we’ll review the top 5 scooters for entry-level practitioners. Also, you’ll know the advantages and disadvantages. We hope you’ll find the best choice for your stunt practice from this shortlist. Let’s delve into it.

What is Stunt Scooter

A stunt scooter is a BMX kind of bike and it’s built with geometrical tips and tricks. These scooters are relatively sturdy and durable compared to traditional ones.

Metal cored wheels are quick to cross long distances. When you’ll learn to ride a stunt scooter, you’ll notice the significant designs and how the scooter shows skate parks for a rider.

Since the beginner rider will practice freestyle, the scooter needs to sustain damage and provide the safety which is near impossible for the traditional scooter. Hence, choosing the right stunt scooter for a beginner is the catch.

What Type of Scooter is Used for Stunt

For the stunt, the rider will use stunt scooters but picking any of them won’t serve the purpose. You need to be choosy and find the best possible option with all the necessary features. The scooter must feature-

  • Best design
  • Sturdy material
  • Durability 
  • Sustainability to damage

Top 5 Best Scooter for Beginners

While selecting the stunt scooters for beginners, our professionals and researcher teams have practically used, tested and approved the 5 best stunt scooters which can be an excellent choice for you as a beginner.

Mongoose Rise Freestyle Stunt Scooter

  • Wheel material: Anodized alloy
  • Frame material: Alloy steel
  • Weight: 9.48 pounds
  • Grip style: Bike grips
  • Brake Style: Rear braking

Mongoose Rise has quite a famous reputation in the scooter market and the version we’re reviewing has featured absolute coverage MaxGrips. This better coverage helps with the wheel grip and ensures optimal power while driving.

Now the question arises – Is it a pro scooter for beginners?

Our professionals do recommend Mongoose Rise for pro beginners for its alloy wheels. What alloy wheels do is they help lift the scooter while trying out stunts. Built-up with alloy, the wheels feature lightweight and so, accelerating the speed becomes easier for riders.

That’s another fact why we’ve chosen Mongoose Rise for the beginners.

Let’s move to the handlebar. It has an excellent bike-style grip and is welded steel of 540 x 578mm. Having this welded steel makes the handlebar comfortable and durable for the entry-level rider.

Last but not least, this is a heavy-duty performing skate park scooter. So, whether you are a beginner or pro beginner rider, the Mongoose Rise stunt scooter will be the best choice for you. 


  • Smooth and non-slip riding experience
  • Thread-less headset for comfort
  • Well-managed grip with welded steel
  • Lightweight with extended standing area
  • Great acceleration with MaxGrip alloy deck


  • Tightened clamp that decrease smoothness of spinning 

When the stunt scooter arrives, give it a trial before you pay. If you find any flaws, return it to the seller. 

Razor Pro Kick Scooter

  • Wheel material: Polyurethane
  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 8.65 pounds
  • Brake Style: Rear braking

Razor Pro Kick is a beginner trick scooter with polyurethane wheels. The wheels are built with robust material to accelerate the speed and make the stunt experience better for the riders.

Coming to its frame material, it features aluminum and so, the scooter is lightweight. If the scooter is lightweight, practising stunt becomes easier. When practising stunts, the sturdiness will attract your attention for having aluminum and polyurethane materials.  If not lightweight, pulling up the scooter high above the ground becomes tough.

Compared to the Mongoose Rise Freestyle stunt scooter, Razor Pro Kick has featured strong internal compression. It has CNC hidden threadless fork. Implies, the scooter will provide you with fast and quick assemble along with great safety.

We think the money you spent is worthy of this scooter. For beginner stunt scooters¸ it has quite a lot of features to be impressed with and the rear brake is one of them. And the rear brake helps to distribute energy in the wheels evenly.

Not to mention, the handlebar is durable and sturdy to try out different stunts.

If budget isn’t a major issue, our professionals recommend this one for an incredible stunt scooter wheel. Consider it a choice.


  • Polyurethane wheels that accelerates speed
  • Aluminum as frame material makes it lightweight and durable
  • Rear brake for even energy distribution
  • CNC hidden tread less fork for safety


  • Found nothing

Gotrax ST Pro Stunt Scooter

  • Wheel material: Aluminum
  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Grip style: Ergonomic
  • Wheel type: Solid
  • Wheel Size: 110 mm

Are you looking for trick scooter for beginners? Gotrax ST Pro is the right choice for those who are curious to practice stunts tricks with the scooter. When you’re looking at the Gotrax stunt scooter, remember, you’re checking out a scooter with the best performance with safety.

What else does this scooter offer?

Well, performance and safety come out of sturdy material. And made out of T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, Gotrax ST Pro is an excellent option to consider for beginner stunt scooters. To add on material, the aluminum deck has featured PU wheels with high Tensile steel.

All high-end steel and the V-bars with proper reinforcement make it the best stunt scooter for beginners. What makes it more attractive in the stunt scooter world is its quiet brake feature.

Simply brake without noise.

The IHC compression system is another thing to praise. It ensures safe jumping and tricking. Having said that, the grip of Gotrax scooter is excellent with a soft rubber grip. And the rubber grip helps beginner pro scooters’ riders to land from jumping comfortably.

Let’s talk about its smooth gliding.

When you’re practicing freestyle, the kick scooter will provide smoothness and add safety alongside. To add more, Gotrax has passed the ABEC-9 bearings standard and it’s a great deal for those who are in quest of beginner trick scooters.

If you purchase Gotrax, you’ll be putting your hands on an eye-catching, fashionable and freestyle stunt scooter. You can flaunt with electroplated rims, vibrant color, awesome graphics along with stunt skills.

From a beginner rider to a pro-level one, everyone can try out this trick scooter because it’s worthy of each hard-earned penny. 


  • Ensures smooth gliding for trick stunt practice
  • Comfortable with rigid control with soft rubber grips
  • Passed ABEC-9 bearings and provides Mn-Steel brakes
  • Fashionable that grabs anyone’s eye on the trick scooter


  • Might not be affordable for everyone for being a little expensive

Pulse Performance Freestyle Scooter

  • Wheel material: Polyurethane
  • Frame material: Alloy steel, Aluminum
  • Weight: 4.22 pounds
  • Wheel style: Solid
  • Brake Style: Rear braking

Pulse Performance scooter is for the passionate scooter rider children. This is designed keeping the entry-level children rider in mind. If you want to know about the age range, let me tell you. It’s for children around 5-year-old.

Now, you must be thinking – this is a freestyle scooter for children and might not be sturdy enough. But things are completely the opposite.

Pulse is a heavy-duty scooter with an aluminum deck. The deck is a heavy-duty yet sturdy material and aluminum 6000 series.

As the body is aluminum material, it’s lightweight and comfortable to practice different stunts.

Then, comes the handle bar tubes. These tubes are durable and rigid in structure while riding. Because the handlebars are high-impact and met ABEC-5 bearings standard.

And the bearing standard ensures smooth grinding. It has an intuitive flat rear brake system and so, your passionate sporty child will quickly stop the power with reinforced and heat-treated material. That indicates safety measurements.

So, riding this scooter will be fascinating because intuitive spring-steel and reinforced handles of the steel fork. And it can weigh up to 140 lbs which are perfect for 5-year-old or up riders.

You’re buying this for your children to try out the sports arena. If you’re tending to purchase a high-end and expensive stunt scooter, you can. But experiencing the child’s interest in this is another thing to consider.

Keeping this in mind, the price of this entry-level scooter is quite affordable. You can give it a shot.


  • Heavy-duty scooter with 6000 aluminum series
  • ABEC-5 bearings for smooth performance
  • Steel frame that confirms durability 
  • Quick stopping trick scooter assures safety


  • Not for beginner pro riders

Swagtron ST045 Classic Stunt Scooter

  • Wheel material: Polyurethane
  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 7.4 pounds
  • Wheel style: Solid, Polyurethane
  • Wheel size: 100 mm
  • Wheel number: 2
  • Handle height: 22 inches

Swagtron ST045 Classic is a stunt scooter tricks for beginner kids. Besides, this is one of the cheapest scooters on our top 5 scooters list. As the youngsters are passionate to learn new skills, like, stunt scooter riding, Swagtron helps them to practice the skills and tricks perfectly.

We’ve reviewed the Pulse Performance Freestyle scooter for kids. Compared to the Pulse scooter, Swagtron is doing better for ABEC-7 bearings whereas Pulse has featured ABEC-5. As you know, the higher the rating of ABEC, the better tolerance your scooter provides.

Moving on to the structural design of Swagtron, your kid can practice midair stunts which aren’t possible with Razoor Pro on our list. It means the material and design of Swagtron are better than Razoor Pro and Pulse.

Swagtron’s polyurethane 100mm wheels provide heavy-duty performance with a solid NAGA clamp. The NAGA clamp is vital for stunts and your kid will perform midair stunts without a head shake. On top, this heavy-duty performing scooter weighs and supports 260lbs.

Importantly, this scooter is lightweight which is a requirement for stunt riders’ scooters. And the lightweight scooter can stick the landing with a TPE grip. The TPE grip makes the landing smooth and safe for its soft-touch surface.

Our professionals recommend this scooter to a beginner and a pro beginner riders. Because you can perform hops, tailwhips and more stunts with the Swagtron Classic scooter. 


  • Lightweight allows it to try midair stunts
  • Sturdy structure ensures safe landing
  • ABEC-7 bearings features high tolerance
  • TPE grip helps to land anywhere
  • Eligible scooter to try several stunts styles


  • Doesn’t deliver with well-organized

Features to Consider When Choose A Beginner Stunt Scooter

Now that you know about the best options to purchase a stunt scooter, it’s obligatory to be aware of the factors to check and consider while making a decision. What are the factors? Let’s find out.

Stunt Scooter Material

The material has to be robust and high-end quality for a stunt scooter, otherwise, forget about comfort, proper grip and longevity. When you’re checking out a stunt scooter, check if it features triple aluminum decks or not.

Along with the aluminum deck, the headset and fork must be made of aluminum or steel. Make sure to utilize your money.

Safety and Comfort

Before you practice the stunts, do you ensure safety? It’s the most essential advice for beginners to gear up and start practicing after that to ensure safety concerns.

Besides, safety comes with great comfort. Think, if your stunt scooter isn’t comfortable, riding it will be a huge mess for you.

So, you must ensure safety and comfort while choosing the stunt scooter.


The materials for stunt scooter wheels should feature high durability. However, if you choose wheels made of Polyurethane, you’ll feel the quality and durability.

Look out for ABEC 7 or 9 bearings if you intend to get aluminum wheels.

Height of Rider

Adjustment of height with rider begets comfort in stunt scooting practice. For beginners, the stunt scooters are available at different heights because they’re not adjustable or foldable.

So, ensure that the handlebar is at the perfect height for you when purchasing a stunt scooter.

Skill Level of Rider

Our professionals suggest the riders purchase a stunt scooter that is slightly higher than their scooting skill level. It helps the rider to practice several stunts and progress the growth.

FAQs for Beginners Stunt Scooter

What if my kid isn’t a beginner stunt scooter rider?

Answer: If your kid is a pro beginner stunt scooter rider, you can purchase Gotrax ST Pro Stunt Scooter. It’s an expensive stunt scooter but will provide excellent service. 

For budget-friendly options, Swagtron ST045 Classic and Pulse Performance Freestyle stunt scooters are recommended. Choose either of them. 


If you’re reading the verdict, we assume you’ve gone through all the sections we’ve mentioned and checked out the review section of best stunt scooters for beginners.

We hope you’ve already picked one of them for you. And a beginner needs to read the guide, again and again, to make sure you didn’t miss a thing.